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  1. Not very good news. Only one female in the tribe, and she doesn't have recessive Poison Snout. Couldn't seem to get a female.
  2. The plots are awesome, and personally I love that the characters have real personalities.
  3. Nooooooooo I reached the end I can't read eternallyyyyyy
  4. So a lot of things happened. Adam and Eve died, had a bunch of kids, killed a bearyena. Still haven't gotten a first optimal breeding pair, which will have one bearyena claw and one nimble fingers gene each. (or one with two bear claws and one with two nimble fingers.) The other genes will be Big Body, Poison Snout, and Stripes.
  5. This shows up if I click the 'Windows' thing.
  6. Tried to do this, all that showed up was 'Windows' and 'runasadmin.something'. I don't know what to do from here
  7. Fifth baby. Sixth baby. He'll be a breeder, just need to get him a mate.
  8. Fourth babu! New island. Will probably stockpile here for a while and create a more optimal species before moving. Going to try to get two breeding pairs (stripes, poison fangs, big bodies) and move to the next island with them.
  9. Second baby And third. This boy will be one I breed for sure.
  10. First child. Forgot to mutate Adam's recessive short-sighted eyes away
  11. So here's Eve. I like her, just need to get rid of that water body.
  12. Hey guys. I'm back. I didn't die. But my nichelings will So let's go Help me and spam me with notifications if I abandon this
  13. Rainwater


    I haven't read the book Finleap is in yet Spoilers nostop
  14. https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/art/2803808 Do those prices look right?
  15. Can I have this lynx? Faera needs a good familiar.
  16. Is there an item that makes dragons available to breed sooner?
  17. Can I have... all of them? Except the already taken one. If you would get rid of them anyway...
  18. Oof I just started and literally have nothing
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