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  1. @Japanese Melon Fawn You try to walk and fall in two seconds. -Try again -Ask brother for help -Ask mother for her -Whine -Sleep
  2. @Illuminati Fawn Still glaring at your sister you walk out of the den. A wolf says hello and you try to say 'hi' back, but all that comes out is a squeak. The wolf chuckles and trots into the forest. -Try to bark -Explore more -Go back to the den and sleep -Try that mouse on the prey pile -Go back and help your sister walk
  3. @Japanese Melon Fawn You nuzzle him and bark apologetically. -Try to walk -Bark at mom??? -Sleep -Nurse -Ask your mother where your dad is.
  4. @Japanese Melon Fawn You twist and nip him. He lets out a little squeak, wake up, and loosens his grip. -Escape! -Bite again -Growl -Nuzzle and say sorry -Sleep
  5. @Illuminati Fawn You go to sleep. -Vote to end day early -Keep sleeping -Wake up and walk outside to look around -Wake up and try to bark -Wake up and get off your sister
  6. @Japanese Melon Fawn You look more closely at your mother. -Try to struggle free from your sleeping brother -Bark -Sleep -Try to stand up with him on your back -Twist and nip him
  7. @Illuminati Fawn You wake up and 'accidentally' roll onto your sister's back and pin her down. You are slightly thirsty. -Keep pinning her down -Walk outside for a drink -Try to bark -Sleep -Go outside to look around @Japanese Melon Fawn You bark loudly at him, waking up your mother. "Quiet down, you two," she growls, going back to sleep. -Struggle free -Bark again -Sleep -Try to walk -Look at your mother more closely
  8. @Illuminati Fawn You nurse and end up falling asleep curled up with your now-awake mother -Wake up -Dream -Vote to pass day (Once all players vote this I will do it) -Half wake up and 'accidentally' roll onto your sister's back and pin her down -Wake up and walk out of den @Japanese Melon Fawn You nurse and fall asleep as well. You have the same options as Illuminati except the last one, which for you is: -Wake up and bark
  9. @The Fawnth Doctor You crawl towards the mouth of the den, standing then stumbling. -Walk (You decide where) -Try to bark -Sleep -Nurse -Look back at mother
  10. @Illuminati Fawn You crawl across the floor. You think you will get it next time! You are hungry. -Walk (you choose where) -Try to bark -Look outside -Sleep -Nurse
  11. @Illuminati Fawn You stare at your littermate. 'Shut up!' you think. -Try to bark back -Try to walk (Recommended) -Nurse -Sleep -Look outside
  12. @The Fawnth Doctor You blink a few times and you can immediately see better. It is now mid-morning. Your mother is awake. -Nurse -Sleep -Look outside -Try to walk -Try to bark
  13. @Japanese Melon Fawn You bark at it and try to shift yourself around to face it. You're really getting hungry. -Bark again -Try to walk -Wake Mom -Sleep -Nurse
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