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  1. We're currently looking into everything revolving around apple devices we'll update you guys when we're ready for iOS testing.
  2. Can you specify what doesn't work, I don't quite get it? If you mutate a gene with the mutagene the ability of the Nicheling does not increase unless you closse the game?
  3. @Night & @Leonardo bueno I added you both as beta testers Check out the posts below to get started.
  4. Did this happen when he came back from a mission while you were in the game, or when you openend the game again after having it closed?
  5. How does the petting not work? Can you enter the screen but can't pet? Did you rub your finger/mouse over the nicheling? Does it just not spawn hearts?
  6. @Lilyturf That is not an intended feature as far as I know 🤔 Thanks for reporting!
  7. We're busy but we're also making progress so all is well 😋 & the Ear issue should be fixed in the new updates that just went live
  8. Ah, no I saw your bug report (liked the post), it's on my fix-list. I just didn't reply to all the bug reports that came in, sorry
  9. Nope, only genes that affect abilities can level up. Eye, fur, pattern and mane colors can't level up (so the gene tokens don't level up either).
  10. Haha I understand, I'll look at this today ^^
  11. What do you mean? A bug report you sent in with the built in feature?
  12. We're working on the fix for this bug. If you don't want to wait for the update, you'd have to uninstall and reinstall the game. We are planning on releasing the update soon though.
  13. Oh really? Did you swipe from eve to adam (and he now displays deformed paws in his paw gene slot)? Gonna check out this issue, thank you for reporting.
  14. Different Backgrounds would be neat! I'd love to add more unlockable stuff anyway, however we're running out of development time ^^'
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