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  1. You need to completely unninstall the app and reinstall the new one as if it were a different app. Your save files should be on your phone's files under: My files > Internal storage > Android > Data, if you want to try and delete them manually.
  2. @mhiahia @Dahl_Tech You both need to delete your data of the previous version of the game. Right now everything is broken, because the safe files have changed and can't be loaded. Try this: Open your explorer, type %AppData% as path. You should now be in Roaming. Go one folder back (so you're in AppData), and go to Local Low, go to Stray Fawn Studio, go to Niche Breed and Evolve and delete all files that are in this folder. (AppData > Local Low > Stray Fawn Studio > Niche Breed and Evolve > delete files in this folder) After this you should be able to start the game and adam and eve should be there. Also thank you for sending a bug report
  3. Hey guys! To keep the Bug Report and Feedback thread a bit less crowded, this thread is now for posting your cute Niche Mobile Nichelings. You can post as many Nichelings as you want, but please do it here and not in the bug report & feedback thread, thanks! I'll start with my beige, fluffy family~ Happy sharing!
  4. @xkcd2020 You are looking at the requirement for collecting (the berry icon), whichis 3. Each Nicheling needs to have a collecting ability 3 or more, or else they won't collect any food. The diagramm is red as a warning (not because it's schowing the strenght. Strength is the ability that adds teh nichelings' ability points together, all the other abiilities are individual). I see how this is confusing, we are currently reworking the UI, though.
  5. you need to have 10+ posts and an android phone then I can add you
  6. @Turtle @xkcd2020 @Dingorok I added you all You can now access the hidden niche mobile section. Read the pinend post to get started & have fun!
  7. the mane is only the same color in the demo Your nichelings can actually have 3 different colors now: fur color, pattern color and mane color, they can all be different.
  8. Hey folks! The Niche Mobile Team has been relatively quiet the last few months, but we are back with an update for you! We're working on realising many of the community's feature requests and feedbacks and are currently making patterns for our mobile Nichelings: NicheMobile_PatternTest.mp4 This pattern shader @Markus made gives us many possibilites to have more and also different patterns than in Niche PC. We're also planning to drop a big update for all the @NicheMobileTester s, so stay tuned!
  9. @berri I'm sorry to hear that! You could try to manually delete your game files and see if that works, or wait for the next update and see if the error fixes itself with a new install version, sometimes save fies seem to get "stuck" even if you reinstall the same version. (If you want to try and delete your files that ping me, I wrote that down for someone already but would have to search it first ^^)
  10. If you submit a bug report with the built in feature we can look at your save files and try to figure out why this happened. You can try to un- and reinstall the game, but your progress will be lost like that. We're working on fixes
  11. @A A A A A A @Rekasi The Nicheling I added you both! Head over to the Niche Mobile Hidden Tester Section and read the pinned post to get started
  12. So far, we are not planning on doing so.
  13. @StormEcho @Akirameta I added you both. Head over to the hidden niche mobile tester section and read the pinne dpost to get started
  14. @Dahl_Tech & @SafiraCoyfolf We'll look into the male/female issue 👍
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