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  1. You're he first one to encounter this bug, thanks for reporting so thoroughly!
  2. We want the mobile game to be more attachment friendly, in the end! We're going to have retirement system, so you can either send Nichelings away like now, or you can retire them. You will then still have them in your collection, they will just not live on the meadow (but they will stay close 😋)
  3. @Tayinky I've also noticed the bug where only males are born, that's really odd. Thanks for letting me know it fixes itself after a restart! No, there is mutation bar in Niche Mobile. Maybe we will add a feature where you can "design" Nichelings, but that is a big maybe ^^ Animation bug is noted, a few other people kept getting it, too, as well as the bug where the timer doesn't run down (seems to not start itself). These few and the Nest-Buy-Bug are our most pressing issues that we'll try to fix next week 😤
  4. @Just normal Lilytuft Jup, you encountered the same bug as FawnCat did! Somehow (for reasons we haven't figured out yet^^') if you purchase the nest for 500 berries, the game breaks (in the way you discribed), and the Nicheling-is-part-of-rock bug seems to be connected to it. Thanks for reporting, and cute Nichelings to you! 😋
  5. @Nightwolf223 No problem! Did the bug go away again? Maybe after you foraged food or something similar?
  6. @Nightwolf223 Whaat! Strange, we never had that issue before. Do you have a screenshot?
  7. @FawnCat & @Magicmoonss Thanks a lot for your feedback! Right now we're trying to fix the game breaking Nest-Buy-Bug and do some balancing (that the requirements on biomes' requirements don't go up so fast etc.) The implementation of new features has to wait a little longer, though ^^ (And, FawnCat, I might make a light blue eye color, if you love the blind eyes so much ;P)
  8. @Catloveextreme What is your Android version? If it's 7 or above it should be no problem & @Philo can add you :)
  9. @briezee Sorry for replying so late. The waiting time right now seem a bit like it just forces you to wait until you can do something again. Our idea is for the biomes to need a recovery/regrow time after you collected a certain amount of food. In those waiting times we want the player to be able to do many other small things, which are not the main game play (like petting your nichelings for boosts or collecting fallen berries in your meadow.) When all our features are implemented we want the player to have many tasks that are somewhat interchangeable. So when you have to wait for your nichelings to recover, you go tidy up your meadow, or visit your retired animals etc... Right now this is not really graspable, but I hope I answered your question a bit!
  10. @gamingcookie Suggestions are welcome! We will probably collect all sugestions and then have voting on which are the most wanted
  11. @Lisa The Dragonwolf Would be awesome to also have a tablet tester! :DD
  12. @FawnCat I'm sorry your finding so many bugs! 😅 (It's good for us someone finds them, though haha) I've noted all your bugs. My suggestion for you is to try and reinstall the game (uninstall and go through the same install process as before) and see if that fixes anything, so you can play more freely again. Your progress will/should be saved. If that all doesn't work you might want to reset your game data (Long press on the app > Details > Data (or Storage) > Delete Data (or Clear Data). You would lose your progress though. ^^''
  13. @Lisa The Dragonwolf It will work on a tablet with android (like Samsung etc.), but not on an apple iPad
  14. @FawnCat The overlapping bug is connected to the other bug you encountered with buying the 500 food slot. I just realised that, too ^^ Can you play the game again or is it broken every time you restart it?
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