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  1. @Rolld20 Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoy the game You mentioned some good points! We'll look them over again on our next Niche Mobile focus day. Also, we are still trying to make the game a bit more stable and will hopefully release an update in the near future. For the breeding: You can tap the Nichelings in the breeding screen to look at their stats there (so you don't have to switch between the meadow screen and the breeding screen all the time).
  2. Hi Onbu riders! We have some exciting news to share with you: The Wandering Village is coming to Xbox and will be available for Xbox Preview! We were featured in today’s ID@Xbox Showcase Livestream on Twitch and revealed our new trailer which gives more insight into the world and lore of The Wandering Village. Thanks for your continuous support! 🦕❤️ XBOX_and_STEAM.mp4
  3. @yioker1 The game seems to load the default layout of the foraging menu, really strange. What version are you playing? Could I also get the details of your tablet? (device and version number)? We'll try to look into it soon, sorry for the hassle!
  4. @MOD PUMPION Okay, sorry that you had to reset! We'll try to make the game more stable in the future.
  5. @MOD PUMPION Thanks for the additional info. Could you tell me what Android version your Nokia phone runs? So you already had played (and had different nichelings) but your save file seems to have been reset, but only partially? Were you able to get it to work properly again, maybe through wiping your seve files and starting fresh?
  6. @MOD PUMPION Thanks for reporting these bugs. I have a few questions to try and narrow down how this happened: - Were you playing the released version or a test version? (Which version specifically? The newest released one is 1.3.12, the newest testing version is 1.3.13) - What device are you on? (iPhone, Android phone, tablet, etc. and which version?) - Did you do anything specific when these bugs happened? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you for reporting this! It's been fixed in the newest build.
  8. Hey folks! @NicheMobileTester A new Niche - Breed and Evolve update is now available for Android as well as iOS. 🎉 Here is what we changed/improved: - Added a prompt in petting screen to show required action for successful petting - Added a button which teleports to the encountered Nichelings in the meadow - Added error message dialogues for various possible errors - Fixed some bugs & improved performance Please report back to us if something is newly broken or if some previous issues you had still occur! ❤️
  9. The game is not available on the kindle store, but there is a way to download the google play store to access the game, as far as I know.
  10. @Odd1 @CrystalBeast201 @RubyDreams Hey again! i added you all es testers. You can now access the Niche Mobile hidden tester section. Read the pinned post to get started!
  11. @lol.lps121 You need to go to the section about Niche: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/3-niche-a-genetics-survival-game/ There you will find the hidden tester section & the pinned post is in there
  12. @Odd1 @CrystalBeast201 @RubyDreams Hey folks, we're currently in the launch week of the game, so I will add you all as testers next week, when things have calmed down a bit Also there is no post requirement anymore!
  13. @Zixvir I'm sure we haven't found all bugs, plus many more will appear once it's released
  14. Thank you! ❤️ We're excited aswell ^^ @Lilytuft
  15. Hey pack! We have exciting news: Our very first mobile game ‘Niche - Breed and Evolve’ will finally be released this Wednesday on June 23rd, after working on it on and off over the past two years Niche - Breed and Evolve is a new, relaxing game which focuses more on breeding, exploring new islands and collecting genes, rather than survival. Now you can also form a bond with your Nichelings ❤️ The game will be available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. It’s a premium game and will cost $2.99. You can already pre-register (Android) or pre-order (iOS) the game now! Pre-register now on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strayfawnstudio.NicheBreedAndEvolve&g Pre-order now on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ch/app/niche-breed-and-evolve/id1539018460 We want to thank everyone who helped us as a @NicheMobileTester or gave us feedback otherwise. We were able to greatly improve Niche - Breed and Evolve because of you guys! It would be awesome if you could support us once again by spreading the word and/or getting the game during launch week ❣️ Stay tuned for Wednesday
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