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  1. pthpthpth sorry for disappearing randomly ;v;

    1. Flour


      You committed alive on forum again yay

    2. pumpkinbro


      now i just have to reintegrate into forum society :'P

  2. Thank you! My cookie lad looks great x)
  3. I used a Kodkod base to make my little tavern owner oc Tigrinna~ The dress sucks but shshhhsh She's a short, chunky lil Siberian mix who loves her job, and I think she was inspired by one of the simulators 'round these parts
  4. hows about my good boy Cloud-song? :D he's not very strong but protective of the younger nichelings in his tribe. he's humble, and loves to just hang out on his stump and sing for new mothers ^^/
  5. "So you're alright then? Not gonna eat me or somethin'?"
  6. Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
                           Be prepared!


    big mean spiderstar returns, inspired by scar from lion king! o/



    1. Certified Baguette Lover

      Certified Baguette Lover

      Don’t you mean... Flowing hair! .

      (if you’ve ever watched the Be Prepared Literal, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

    2. Certified Baguette Lover

      Certified Baguette Lover

      Another line from the literal version- Mario Party!

      (my favorite. Absolutely my favorite.)

  7. "It seems that I have... Sorry!" (chuckles) i'm in danger
  8. aw hek yea brotherrr, flower man is HERE o/
  9. How about a retro/vintage aesthetic bear boy? :^D https://www.deviantart.com/samalamb-bases/art/Anthro-Bear-Base-661482618
  10. But not too human! *Flashbacks to the Cats trailer*
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