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  1. hows about my good boy Cloud-song? :D he's not very strong but protective of the younger nichelings in his tribe. he's humble, and loves to just hang out on his stump and sing for new mothers ^^/
  2. pumpkinbro


    im baby
  3. "So you're alright then? Not gonna eat me or somethin'?"
  4. Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
                           Be prepared!


    big mean spiderstar returns, inspired by scar from lion king! o/



    1. Nugget v3

      Nugget v3

      Don’t you mean... Flowing hair! .

      (if you’ve ever watched the Be Prepared Literal, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

    2. Nugget v3

      Nugget v3

      Another line from the literal version- Mario Party!

      (my favorite. Absolutely my favorite.)

  5. "It seems that I have... Sorry!" (chuckles) i'm in danger
  6. aw hek yea brotherrr, flower man is HERE o/
  7. How about a retro/vintage aesthetic bear boy? :^D https://www.deviantart.com/samalamb-bases/art/Anthro-Bear-Base-661482618
  8. pumpkinbro


    But not too human! *Flashbacks to the Cats trailer*
  9. pumpkinbro


    That's when you stop trying to argue with them about it because at that point they're just trying to be rude. Some people are interested in debating things in a civil way, and others are... well... *cough* degenerates. *cough*
  10. pumpkinbro


    I don't know how to phrase this but I'll try: If you aren't being gross to animals, then obviously you aren't part of the trash side. That's the part of the fandom people reference when insulting it. If you aren't in that side you shouldn't be offended, because you already know that's not you. But that's just my opinion on the matter, I dunno.
  11. Me and the boys going to bully LichenClan

    @The Derpiest Two-Face Cat @Skysplash8


    Base Creds: sirfluff-thefluff on dA
    Base Lonk https://www.deviantart.com/sirfluff-thefluff/art/choose-your-fighter-base-754874818



    1. Nugget v3

      Nugget v3

      rip Lichentuft

    2. pumpkinbro


      ikr i feel bad now that everyone and their grandpa's trying to murder lichenclan

    3. Skysplash8


      T I M E  T O  D I E, L I C H E N C L A N

  12. pumpkinbro


    Oh, that's an interesting message my dude! I have like 30 WIP files and now I feel bad x')
  13. Welp, time to sleep like a big mean baby
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