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  1. hey there! i made a challenge, it would be cool if you tried doing! you could take pictures of it, and post them on the wiki page! i dont know how to post links, so just copy this and put it on google and search it up https://niche-doves-of-pain-challenge.fandom.com ye
  2. Oh no, so i followed Phinos instructions and im now able to do it! but- it wont let me open it, so what do i do with the code? also im on a mac 😕
  3. Thanks i found it, but i cant find "go" on it XD im so sorry im putting you through all this trouble XD its just that i have poor eyesight lol, but if you could give me a guide of it, that would be nice
  4. Oh thanks! but, sadly i dont know where to find the finder on my mac, do you have a picture for it?
  5. i need help!!!! how do i get the files for the names and action points on mac pro?? please help me!! i need this
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