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  1. it doesn't have to be either if nobody finds out
  2. i mean if you don't share it you could just make one and nobody would know
  3. it's in early access i think
  4. gamingcookie


    may 5th or maybe it just counts as 6th bc it was really late in the day 😢
  5. ooblets 👉👈 i don't actually know how obscure it is but ive only seen sqaishey talking about/playing it, i don't have it tho 😔 it's like 20 dollar i think
  6. well in that case *dies and reincarnates as human* now im alex cute single hot rich popular shy smart half demon half angle half wolf half mermaid half vampire half fox half cat has a crush on jake
  7. "ok i just got possessed by a giant squirrel, great"
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