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  1. I wish I was as hot as her 😔
  2. wish those were both true but No for 1 I currently have 56 for 2 I have like. 80 of them? I think? and for 3 I never beat the ender dragon because I haven't really tried... to be honest I'm not too interested in the survival part of minecraft. I like just kinda building
  3. 1. I have over 100 youtube subscribers 2. I have all achievements in terraria 3. I've never defeated the ender dragon
  4. it do be a 50/50 cause I know the last one is Completely false sadly I'll say 1
  5. I hope not... because they are just too beautiful! if they were real I would literally die 😍😍😍
  6. Hand sanitizer? That's a mood
  7. you might have switched into smelling or hearing mode and forgot
  8. you are Both wrong for 2 nope that's where like my entire family on my mother's side was born but not me for 3............. I have 7 (used to have 8 but not anymore) (they aren't all in the same house by the way) 1 is true. this was when I was very Young and we didn't own the rabbit but he came into our house. I wanted to feed him some carrot and probably wanted to keep him but I think my mom or dad was like noo the dog(s?) will eat him so we didn't let him stay
  9. 3? mine are uh 1 There was once a bunny in my house 2 I was born in North Carolina 3 I have 6 pets
  10. pincepr how did you find out pantry joined ?
  11. if you're the corpse-muncher you'll love this


    1. PincerClaw420


      Tasty! I'll totally have to try frying up that bunny ear for a quick snap snack, thought the rest of the body is totally being eaten raw. Maybe I should try eating some of it with honey and milk? Hmm

    2. PincerClaw420


      I just realized how scary and weirdthat sounds i am sosorry

  12. sorry didn't notice this- yes I want join
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