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  1. is the Bo Lin or whatever guy Korra's friend or did they just meet each other
  2. wouldn't Korra's hard one be firebending since it's opposite to waterbending
  3. does nobody recognize the frickin avatar??
  4. how did they get more sky bison
  5. She continued bopping her head and did some arm wigglings too ~(◐w◑)~
  6. so lara from the flicker round I was just in asked for my username and instead of just friending me in the game she says she'll send me a friend request and leaves?? HOW THE FRICK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE??
  7. She did the little head bopping too. Yay dance : )
  8. the moment it comes out
  9. I wonder how many episodes I'll watch in a row
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