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  1. gamingcookie


    Just remembered the origin So I was watching a reddit video or something and then I hear a buzz and continue watching Then I hear it again and see a big wasp or a hornet or a yellowjacket I don't know. What's the difference anyway so I hid under my blanket screaming for a while and eventually my mom came and got rid of it also I'm not scared of bees at all for some reason
  2. Why are there no real Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
  3. gamingcookie


    oh I didn't mention this before wow so the first day (or second I don't remember) that I met my step brothers, when I was like 5, I was looking into the chicken coop in the backyard cause they had chickens and then the one who was holding the lid let go of it and it slammed down on my head I think it messed up my teeth
  4. Also I did play with him some on his user but on my user I wanna be solo
  5. cause I wanna play alone?
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