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  1. Indigo is literally blue. Violet and purple are the same thing. There are only 6 colors in the rainbow. Change my mind.
  2. Here are some random polls
  3. (if anyone breaks it another time...) so we back in the mine
  4. can someone sum up everything that's happened for me, I don't wanna read 28 pages "\_(^/\^)_/" No idea what that face is but I just made it from scratch \(*v*)/
  5. Yo quiero una sombrero de rojo.
  6. yep also, if there are any Spanish masters here, leave it to the Spanish non-masters to guess
  7. When I was customizing the name file I saw there was a suffix don I added smilo for this reason
  8. userna ems of peeope skyspaladhshar8 renio then some nugmbers SilverThenICHlegnign gamingcookei Magicofmorodns THe moxst lbweautifyul thing Lazuikif wikpipiedeed (Angle) FLowerMask Parabola MleonNichelgign Jessimenw Phiolo
  9. it's definitely school hours and I see so many others online...
  10. how about Leaf Prism Spectrum? Star Sea Ocean
  11. I am a grammar police. I must tell you it is spelt KNIGHT
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