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  1. i have been hiding out in my oven for several months and i am now stronger than ever. TEAM CAMEL WHAT'S OUR PLAN !!
  2. the greatest warrior there ever was; the b̸̘̙́̍l̷̦͛o̸̦̯̪͂̕b̴̤̰̤͑
  3. ranboo my bovesd what beloced beloved
  4. "i forgot" "that's exactly what you weren't supposed to say fundy, you coward" "oh no, my memory book is gone! where did i put it? i must've put it in this chest right? oh no, it's not in that chest, where could it have gone? cause it has all of my secrets that reveals that i've been a traitor to l'manburg" "dream has no house but he lives in my mind rent free" "why can't i remember my complex past?" "my memory loss has caused me to not trust anyone, not even myself" all in a sonic voice
  5. she took the cereal to maybe eat later if it's got any chance to still be good
  6. she looked in the cabinets real quick to see if therw happened to be anything inaide
  7. "hey you, don't you think it's kinda cute that i died,"
  8. this is so sad alexa play fallen down slowed + reverb
  9. my platonically beloved platonically broke up with me because i sent this video 😢 platonically cry_about_it.mp4
  10. also a video i took of my cat a few days ago
  11. printе


    he's offline on discord
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