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  1. I actually know what this means
  2. What's your favorite feature we've seen so far of 1.4? Mine is probably PETS (the different kind we saw in the spoilers that you can pet) I do like block swap a lot and all the new summons
  3. I've been feeling super Terraria-y lately so let's talk about Terraria
  4. who pronounces fawn differently than FAAHN
  5. Hahahah Dio's the only one left great!!
  6. Now we only have 2 nichelings thanks to starvation..
  7. Dio, the new leader, leads them to the new island, leaving Tigerfish and Razorania behind, and when they arrive, they see just how tiny it is. And looks like Taro is getting very old too..
  8. Things are looking bad.. As the tribe goes to the ports to migrate, they run out of food. Ismi and Ranuro are getting old and weak, too..
  9. 'Nother baby.. no female.. Since he has quite high fishing power, and he has attack at all, they named him Razorania
  10. Oh they had another baby and they called him Tigerfish
  11. Yet another baby, Vanku, and still no female..
  12. Another baby, Dio, still a male..
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