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  1. Canine wins. I counted Clover's vote toward that instead of other because foxes count Dog - confused Wolf - sad Fox - love Closed Fox wins
  2. Would this be a hybridable thing? Bearyenas and nichelings are different enough already but reptiles?
  3. These are the faction leaders Female Celeste Kind, loyal, carefree Magic color: bright yellow Male Moonstone Strong, competitive, brave Not too good at flying Magic color: royal blue
  4. Idk what to call the creature yet also it's canine-like This is for a sim Use a random number generator Faction (you can decide this yourself) (1 Celestum) (2 Lunalis) Pattern (if you get underbelly roll a second time) If Celestum: (1 None) (2-3 Stripes) (4 Spots) (5-6 Underbelly) If Lunalis: (1-4 None) (5 Stripes) (6 Spots) (7 Underbelly) Color If Celestum: (1-2 White) (3-4 Light yellow) (5 Bright yellow) If Lunalis: (1-3 Black) (4-5 Dark dark blue) (6-7 Dark purple) (8 Royal purple) Pattern/wing color Roll again if you get the same color as your body If Celestum: (1 White) (2 Bright yellow) (3-8 a pastel color going in order of the rainbow without indigo) If Lunalis: (1 Black) (2 Dark dark blue) (3 Dark purple) (4 Royal purple) Wings (1-2 None) (3 Wings (if Celestum, they are feathered, if Lunalis, they're bat-like)) Horns (1-3 None) (4 Ram) (5 Gazelle) (6 Antlers)
  5. He did the thing cartoon characters do when they get burned and landed on Earth
  6. The fake Tinny greeted the kids "Oh wonderful to have you dears back! I baked you some cook- en! I mean, I cooked you some bacon hahaha!"
  7. The real grandmother was kidnapped and currently is in..
  8. The kids were visiting their grandmother on their mother's side, Tinny, the only living grandparent.
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