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  1. ENCHANTED SWORD SHRINE but right at the beginning of the jungle
  2. Hhhhh I think that's the crimson over there let's not go there
  3. Ooo snow biome And a cave imma go down it
  4. I guess that was just some weird one-time glitch because the other character I made didn't change after I left it for a long time
  5. This is my brother and he just made an account and I will make his introduction because he doesn't know how to do anything seriously I told him about how I'm part of the Niche Mobile beta and he said he wanted to try it too so that's the main reason he's here. So I helped him make an account and stuff. He likes Nimbatus but only has the demo


    like at least 70 percent of people who eat cereal probably
  7. Queen Maya of the Coconut Kingdom welcomes you!
  8. It won't let me press any buttons and it's playing the hell music for some reason
  9. Well the same happened to my world it shows no name and the world size is apparently unknown
  10. So yesterday I downloaded tmodloader which is a tool you can use to mod your game (with other's mods or your own!) Easy to use and stuff If you want to download it just look on YouTube "how to install tmodloader 1.3.5" and the one I used is by Tea I'm using Calamity (with the music), Crystilium, Recipe Browser, Boss Checklist, Boss Cursor, and Wing Slot I've already made a little progress and I've just gone to play and my character is the default male with no extra life and 0 mana and no name I don't think that's supposed to happen Oh I can't press play with it.. hm
  11. Hi!! welcome to our lil corner of the internet : D
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