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  1. why are there two mattresses TwT

  2. i asked her like amonth ago and supposedly shes still cooking. takes time i guess
  3. HOW DID I MISS THIS?? i love tmogl guys
  4. ok im gonna try to get some more that you guys might noy know amnesiac anime girl is on your pc and you've gotta help her get her memories back!! (with hammers) little critter pushes words around?? you are in a limbo full of furries and the devil is a cat you are a turnip and i could say something else that would make it immediately obvious but i won't you're a girl and you explore your dreams or something idk i have like 100 minutes in that game i just have second hand knowledge from undertale fandom
  5. ITS FR HYBRID ANIMALS? what in the wprld goes on in that game i just barely remember playing it when i was like 9 it has a fandom??
  6. plague inc?? idk whats with the endless loop of death but sounds like sky cotl hybrid animals the mobile game???
  7. guy gets stuck in a time loop, inside a bigger, longer time loop that they don't remember girl puts herself in a time loop to save her Friend talking flower puts random cowboy kid in a time loop (this is debatable) ok thats enough time loops sorry guys. can you tell i like time loops (only reason there isn't another one is because polly already did it or it's spoilers) sad kid does not leave his house and sleeps all day random guy starts by committing deforestation to build a town and ends with defeating an eldritch lunar god 8 year old needs to put the sun back in a dying world (there is actually another description on this thread that unintentionally applies but its spoilers so i wont say) guy goes adventuring, dies horribly, goes to underwater hell and dies horribly there unless they escape (< roblox game) trans woman has to escape her evil shadow self to climb this mountain!!
  8. is this uhh totally accurate battle simulator. or chess that is a better guess actually
  9. not the also amnesiac dragon guy and wife and old man?
  10. um this is two sentences ? refund ? i want a refund ?
  11. her being "mean" caused the mattresses? you say it as if we're a bad thing.
  12. its been 2 months LMAO
  13. wait does that mean that post convinced you or you just nevef believed us
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