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  1. Nebula - You come across a nebula while traveling. Your threat decreases by 20%.
  2. F. they will be missed. Sadly I am currently not in possession of any necromancy spells.
  3. I like this. I really like this. I think it would be very interesting.
  4. I'd like to repeat everything that was said, although I am to lazy, I know threat was implemented to prevent players from racking up tones of parts and resource in the first system. but It should Decrease when moving towards the exit not increase. It was put in place to add tension, to stop players from amassing large amounts of parts early, and to create interesting decisions. Right now it's doing a bad job. The way it is now is broken. Taking damage is unavoidable, It stops players from exploring, taking risks, and playing the game the most fun way. I do think it should work like FTL's fleet
  5. Terra forming missions would be nice, such as repairing a planet destroyed by corp mining operations, or reshaping the terrain of lava planets to be suitable for habitation.
  6. The only way is to travel through a wormhole. you can travel back through a wormhole too.
  7. I've felt that the random encounters that have been added to the game are fun but lacking, after all there are only two of them. So I've come up with some more to add into the game. Corp Encounters Corp Scout: In a small asteroid field you find a Small corp ship scanning the asteroids, It immediately notices you. Engine signatures detected! It's trying to run away! in this mission you are given a minute to take down a Corp scout which is trying to run way from you. Succeeding grants you the standard pirate ship loot, however failing the mission raises your threat level by
  8. I find Bio weapons cool and all, but their rather useless. There are some insane people on this forum, so I'm sure some on has done something cool with them.
  9. What are thoughts about the 0.7.0 beta update and what can be improved
  10. In 0.7.0, A new travel system was introduced, where when traveling between locations, there is a small chance that you encounter something along the way. Random encounters occur about 5% of the time (excluding the corp encounter) and offer very little or common loot. Corp Encounters The corp has caught up (Campaign only) You are found by a large corp ship. The corp ship will attack you dealing 20% damage to your hull. This encounter is dependent on threat and is calculated separate to other encounters. Threat is a stat visible next to the Nimbatus' bar, It determines the
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