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  1. Nebula - You come across a nebula while traveling. Your threat decreases by 20%.
  2. F. they will be missed. Sadly I am currently not in possession of any necromancy spells.
  3. I like this. I really like this. I think it would be very interesting.
  4. I'd like to repeat everything that was said, although I am to lazy, I know threat was implemented to prevent players from racking up tones of parts and resource in the first system. but It should Decrease when moving towards the exit not increase. It was put in place to add tension, to stop players from amassing large amounts of parts early, and to create interesting decisions. Right now it's doing a bad job. The way it is now is broken. Taking damage is unavoidable, It stops players from exploring, taking risks, and playing the game the most fun way. I do think it should work like FTL's fleet. A visible force that moves through the map, allowing players to out run it. Right now, all galaxies are generated so that there are only 2 paths that are exactly the same length that do not allow for choices. All you can do is accept that you have to take damage and just repair later. Then the rest of the campaign is the same missions over and over again. Before you could experiment and expedite, create creative and fun drones, but now your limited to generic small drones because of deploy cost. I think that adding threat to deploying is a good thing, but not resource. Without the tech tree resource feels like it was shoehorned in a little, only being used for Buying lackluster weapons (that you can't even scrap anymore) or preventing you from being creative. I think that the tech tree needs to be accessible to everyone, and that the researcher just gets a bonus to research or something. But right now neither campaign or creative are fun, and competitive is all people ever play. (just like before) (for those wondering I have 179 hours in nimbatus.)
  5. Terra forming missions would be nice, such as repairing a planet destroyed by corp mining operations, or reshaping the terrain of lava planets to be suitable for habitation.
  6. The only way is to travel through a wormhole. you can travel back through a wormhole too.
  7. I've felt that the random encounters that have been added to the game are fun but lacking, after all there are only two of them. So I've come up with some more to add into the game. Corp Encounters Corp Scout: In a small asteroid field you find a Small corp ship scanning the asteroids, It immediately notices you. Engine signatures detected! It's trying to run away! in this mission you are given a minute to take down a Corp scout which is trying to run way from you. Succeeding grants you the standard pirate ship loot, however failing the mission raises your threat level by 10%. The ship is armed with four blasters (single barreled) 6 drones and two cannons. The cannons are located on the underside and top of the craft. The blasters are located on the front(2) and back(2) of the ship. The drones do not respawn and are present from the start of the mission. On the back of the ship is a shield generator, destroying it allows you to damage the rest of the ship. Corp Drone: You notice a corp autonomous transport vehicle carrying what seems to be a load of transmitters. Attack it you basically fight a very large corp drone with a cannon for its blaster it has two side blasters as well. Victory -7% threat Loss +7% threat Ignore it continue to your destination. Pirate Encounters ill gotten goods: A small pirate ship approaches yours, it hails you offering to trade. Everything it has is most likely stolen. Attack the ship Initiates a battle with a small pirate ship, which will run away after 45 seconds. Wining the encounter grants you 50-90 tritium and a random weapon . The ship is armed with a cannon(front) and two double barreled (tips of the side wings). It has half the health of a normal pirate ship. Buy something A selection of three items and 1 repair becomes available for purchase. Civilian encounters Merchant: You locate a lone merchant ship advertising it's goods. Buy something a standard selection of items and 1 repair come available. Haggle You tell him that his prices are way above market value and that you will report him if he doesn't lower them. 1/4 of the time He will lower his prices by 50% 1/2 of the time he will call your lie out and keep his prices the same 1/4 of the time he will call your lie out and raise his prices by 50% I do not own any of the images here, they where found as unused assets in the nimbatus game files
  8. I find Bio weapons cool and all, but their rather useless. There are some insane people on this forum, so I'm sure some on has done something cool with them.
  9. What are thoughts about the 0.7.0 beta update and what can be improved
  10. In 0.7.0, A new travel system was introduced, where when traveling between locations, there is a small chance that you encounter something along the way. Random encounters occur about 5% of the time (excluding the corp encounter) and offer very little or common loot. Corp Encounters The corp has caught up (Campaign only) You are found by a large corp ship. The corp ship will attack you dealing 20% damage to your hull. This encounter is dependent on threat and is calculated separate to other encounters. Threat is a stat visible next to the Nimbatus' bar, It determines the likelihood of this encounter. You gain threat when you: Deploying drones +2% (excluding very small drones ~15 parts) When traveling between planets in the same system +5% When traveling between systems +15% for each system in between The corp ship. Pirate Encounters Pirate Ambush: A pirate corvette springs from seemingly nowhere and attacks! you must defend your self against a pirate ship that is attacking the Nimbatus. it is armed with blasters, cannons and drone bays. When it gets close to the Nibatus, its front weapons will start firing at the Nimbatus, draining it's shields. When you die, surrender, or the Nimbatus' shields drop to 0% you lose the mission and the pirates steal 200 Tritium (yellow resource). The pirate ship is made of two parts, the front plating, (grey bit at the front) and the hull. The plating is separate from the hull and supports 6 blasters on it, destroying the armor destroys all six blasters on the front but does nothing to damage the actual hull of the ship. Cryogenic and plasma damage to the armor spreads to the hull. The Hull is the rest of the ship and destroying it completes the mission. The cannons on the ship are the same as the cannons found around corp transmitters, waste planets, lab planets, and fracking asteroid fields. There are two of them located on the back of ship and cannot attack the Nimbatus. There are 6 Blasters located around the ship 5 of which being able to attack the Nimbatus. They are comparable to the kinetic blasters the player has in all areas accept damage. They fire two shots at once. The blasters firing. The ship comes equipped with a drone spawner, which spawns about 3 drones every second maxing out a twelve. each one is comparable to the enemies found in the testing world . The drone spawner. Miscellaneous Encounters Distress signal: You pick up on a distress signal. You are given two options: Follow it Ignore it Follow it If you choose to follow it, it will lead to one of three encounters: The Pirate ambush encounter A scrap field containing 50-90 tritium A shop using the distress signal as a marketing ploy. Ignore it You continue to your destination. And that's it. If I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments.
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