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  1. Yeah, sometimes high recoil weapons that are connected to a far-away part will break. Sometimes moving them near their parent part or surrounding them with hollow parts helps.
  2. I think that sometimes parts of blocks get stuck within drones; usually when you collide with objects using an unstable drone.
  3. Not always; when using programmer the 'Cursor' setting is overridden, and I think the same is true with asteroid field missions with gravity, although I'm not certain on that one.
  4. I have noticed that my drones have been spawning backwards in racing mode in 1.1. Not sure if this is an old bug or one of the new racing optimizations; but I thought I'd share here anyways.
  5. I believe that programmer bio-missions are completed using directional sensors and proximity sensors; at least that is how I have completed them using programmer on my playthroughs. Similar logic applies to the 'relic' missions and the corp planet.
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