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  1. Thanks everyone for all of the support. I just need a break, this probably won’t be forever Aw, Silv, don’t blame yourself! I really appreciated your encouragement, and I don’t want you to feel bad.
  2. I'll try, but this place just makes me not want to play something I love and quite stressed
  3. Idk if this is just gonna be a hiatus or permanent, but I'm leaving for a while. This play just kinda stresses me out, and whenever I think about posting here while playing I lose all motivation to play Niche, which is a game a love so much. So, see you guys around I guess.
  4. Welp, guess I’ve lost. Makes sense, traditional art can’t usually compete with digital. Anyway, congrats to the other two contestants.
  5. Logan's eyes widened in surprise. "She turned you into an animal as well?!"
  6. "Oh, well, um, do you mind telling me what's wrong? I might be able to help you."
  7. Logan Meran | Male | Pale yellow brown fur, dark brownish black stripes, markings, and a mane, which goes up to the top of his head which forms into an area of fur that looks quite like hair. His eyes are a contrasting pale, but bright blue color. | Aardwolf
  8. Do you mean their appearance as a human or as an animal?
  9. haha, jokes on you guys, I'm autistic as well! Cleary, I have won in this contest.
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