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    New bugs

    The Ship saving is a bug with the new version. However the not being able to create gifs is a bug that was also in the last release. Thank you for getting around to bug fixing
  2. Sunny

    New bugs

    In the new version of the game (9/29/17), I've encountered a few issues while playing on my Mac. 1st. Recording gifs and taking Screenshots. For some reason I just can't take screenshots or make gifs, I've checked the Numbatus_screenshots folder for anything and I'm finding nothing. There is not a making gif message that will appear either. 2nd. Saving ships. I was going to save a ship and send it to a friend but as I saved it my game didn't crash but I was just given a blank grey screen. No error report so I cant add details.
  3. However with resolution change the mouse becomes off center
  4. I can't seem to be able to find the gifs that Nimbatus (MAC) records or they aren't recording at all. Maybe its just a bug for mac. iIf you know any solutions let me know.
  5. I also had the problem. Did you figure out how to fix it? [move]EDIT[/move] So to fix it you just set the resolution back to the default and your good to go but hopefully, the devs will patch it up.
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