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  1. I think the campaign would be more fun to play if eventually you got all the upgrades meaning you could deploy ships without a cost and then the difficulty (enemy health, amount of enemies, multiple missions per planet, enemy firepower, etc would gradually scale up so it would still be interesting to play and build stuff late game after destroying a corp planet. Also should bring back the scattered arenas in galaxies, or add them in random encounters where you get lured or kidnapped and forced to compete, or both, this could create a better mesh between singleplayer and multiplayer and get pe
  2. yeah but using that you cant tell a hammerhead from a manta
  3. [reposted from July 24, 2019] You will be able to choose a tournament to enter based on Tiers: Based on part count Divisions: Based on individual wins Normal: Versus all uploaded drones Tiers: (You will only face other drones in your tier) (another option is no minimum parts but a maximum part count) 1-25.........Featherweight 26-50.......Lightweight 51-75.......Middleweight 76-90.......Cruiserweight 91-100.....Heavyweight Divisions: (from highest to lowest) (You will only face other drones in your division) * means n
  4. @NumNutZ you want a button to activate boosters but not one side if something happens? use an and gate with that not gate something happens in input 2 if thats not it then i dont understand
  5. you have to use abbreviations that tell exactly what it is so you wont forget like if you have a tag on your main drone's, directional sensor, pointing to gravity, tilted left, and its a signal that goes into another gate instead of directly to something then the tag could be m ds grav L sig or just use the programmable leds and then write your labels for the logic sections starting with something like | since you have 3 tag lines on those but i agree we need tag/key binding window
  6. @CheckFire 3. I dont think there is anything that can calculate the rate that your speed is increasing/decreasing if thats what you mean, but maybe you could do something with chaining speed sensors, though i dont know why you would want to know the rate of change 4. idk what you mean by this, but if you mean filtering out inputs when you dont want them, you can put the input you want in input1 and gate, then another input which will act as the clearance in input 2, output is what you want input1 to do while input 2 is giving the clearance 5. dont have an idea of what you me
  7. i think this is being planned in an update already
  8. @Mulakulu did you try using a logic splitter anything attached to/under the splitter will only transfer signals to other parts also under that logic splitter line
  9. @Roblin you probably know this first part but you can use and gates with input 1 being your signal and input 2 being something else to prevent or allow the signal to go through or you can use a xor gate depending on what you are doing part 2 sounds like you would need multiple factory parts or use a piston with a distance sensor on the logic splitter to input stuff into the minidrone (idk how big yours are) If you are using multiple directional sensors maybe you could use multiple vtol sets instead depending on how big your minidrones are but if you
  10. you can already make a signal filter with the logic parts
  11. The anchor sticks into terrain the sticky part sticks to organic matter like enemies
  12. Have a check box "auto next match" on the 'play next match' screen and then when the current match in the tournament ends it will go back to that screen, show an animation of the next circle in the line filling/lighting up (indicating you have progressed to the next match) and instead of all of the matches you won have a dot in the center, only the current match you are about to do will have a dot in the center. Then it will automatically throw you in the next match so you dont have to keep clicking the buttons if the matches last for like 5 seconds. Also maybe have the dot indicator
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