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  1. shame that no one else posted, whats the outcome?
  2. yes but impacts or springs can cause them to break fairly easily even if they are buried
  3. rammers can beat edge riders too, there is no one defined circle for everything, only a broad and vague outline there are so many variations that it's impossible to narrow it down like that if people dont want to make 100 part drones then they shouldnt have to just to stand a chance or have fun just because some edge riders are low part count, it doesn't mean that rammers will be obsolete, if anything it will inspire people to make new versions of things, and different types of drones that we dont usually have around
  4. yeah but im talking about lower part cap not edge rider vs rammer
  5. Just because you can beat one 90 part drone with a small drone doesnt mean you can do the same for all other 90 part drones part count will always matter
  6. yes all the settings that are usually found on the main page
  7. no you can only flip it vertically or horizontally, not rotate it
  8. You will be able to choose a tournament to enter based on Tiers: Based on part count Divisions: Based on individual wins Normal: Versus all uploaded drones Tiers: (You will only face other drones in your tier) 1-25.........Featherweight 26-50.......Lightweight 51-75.......Middleweight 76-90.......Cruiserweight 91-100.....Heavyweight Divisions: (from highest to lowest) (You will only face other drones in your division) * means number can be adjusted based on amount of drones uploaded, how many wins drones have or could have, etc Makuuchi.......Top division..........500-∞* wins Fixed to 42* drones, the bottom ranked drone will be demoted if surpassed Jūryō..............Second division....400-∞* wins (40 tournament wins) Drones bumped down from the top division will place here even if above 500 wins No drone limit Makushita......Third division........300-399* wins (30 tournament wins) No drone limit Sandanme......Forth division.......200-299* wins (20 tournament wins) No drone limit Jonidan..........Fifth division.........100-199* wins (10 tournament wins) No drone limit Jonokuchi......Sixth division........1-99* wins Wins will count from tournaments you enter or wins you gain from other players facing your drone Division&wins and tier&part count will be displayed when in a match across all tournament modes A leaderboard can be viewed where players can select a division from a drop down menu and see other drones+built by ___ along with their part count, a small image of the drone can be shown to the left of the name that can be enlarged by hovering over it for 1s Players can also use a search bar to find a specific drone or a separate tab that shows all of their drones and stats (search bar can also search by selecting one or more attributes such as [part count highest/lowest], [wins highest/lowest], [win ratio highest/lowest] so that players can use the combination they want) When you reach a new division there can be a congratulations screen ex. Congratulations, your drone _____ has been placed into Jonidan, the Fifth Division! Some rewards can go along with this, such as resources, additional parts for campaign mode, a special skin that you can use, etc I believe sumo is one of the best things about this game, and can be made much more fun than it already is 🙂 Sources for names etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_sumo_divisions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_class_(boxing)
  9. In sumo you could make a local tournament with drones that you select to be in it
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