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  1. So this just spontaneously fixed itself. When I opened up this save file on my Surface today, the icons were back to their usual size
  2. @Micha Any ideas on other things to try?
  3. I tried lowering the resolution, but that didn't help at all @Micha
  4. @Philo I still haven't heard anything back on this. I realize it might not be a problem with the game, but any suggestions on what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated as it makes it really hard to enjoy this aspect of the game with the graphics being so small
  5. Hello! So this issue only happens on my Microsoft Surface, but it affects all the save files. The family tree icons are sooooo small I can hardly see/read them. This doesn't happen when I play Niche on my other laptop (Dell Inspiron), but I'm not sure if I've messed up something in the game settings, because it didnt used to be like this on my Surface either. I can try to send a save file if it would help, but like I said, it does this on all the saves I open with the Surface
  6. So this is similar to the other win conditions bug I reported. If I load the game with a "Never breed animal with X characteristic" as the first condition in the list, it automatically counts it as succeeded even though I just started the game. If I put it farther down in the list, it appears to work correctly
  7. Here's an example of what I mean. When the condition specifying something about the population is first in the list of conditions, it doesn't react properly, even though the number in parenthesis is accurate.
  8. @Philo I haven't heard anything back about if this is a bug or not. Am I missing something on how to use the win conditions correctly?
  9. So I'm fiddling around with the win conditions portion of the new sandbox settings and I'm not sure if I am doing it wrong, or if there is a problem with the game I set 2 conditions: Never have animals in tribe less than 3 and Anytime days survived greater than 20. If I load a game with 4 animals, I get a message "Challenge failed" If I switch the order of the conditions though were the Anytime days survived greater than 20 is listed before the Never number of animals in tribe less than 3, the game loads normally. There will be a white X next to the Anytime (because I havent survived 20 days yet obviously) and a white checkmark next to the Never ( because I have 4 animals in my tribe, so not less than 3). Should it matter what order the win conditions are in for the setting to work?
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