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  1. I like making automated drones. Making many minor adjustments till I have nowhere to go with the design, then starting fresh with a different idea. The Drone Workshop could have a "Shake Test" button, where a few high knockback, low damage, missiles hit the ship in random places, and the ship shakes around. To test how solid it is, and if there are any big flaws. "Retry Mission" button on fail screen, right now there are too many menus to go through to retry. An "Edit Drone" button on the screen you see right after dying, it would save time to be able to go directly to m
  2. I was testing a ship in the sandbox, 150+ parts I think. The game crashed and these are the crash logs. If it helps, some enemies just spawned inside of me destroying part of my ship. That may have something to do with the crash. crash.dmp error.log
  3. I found connecting each one to the nearest one makes much shorter "connecting beams". It comes out a little wavy, but not glitchy and fall-apart-ie. But once you go 2 dimensional, a couple zig zag in specific areas deal with sway pretty well.
  4. All good ideas. Some of them are probably already in the works. Yes, yes, very yes. Some more challenges would be INSANE. Imagine a planet with 5 or 6 different challenges. Even larger than current planets. Maybe a heavily defended "Fort" or "Satellite / Station" in orbit that you have to destroy. Don't forget tho, this is pre-alpha, and not really representative of the final game. I doubt they would finish the game with this small amount of missions. Oh, I particularly like the sensors idea. I think this game could do with some more in the detection area.
  5. Hmm, good ideas. But what about also a Radar that scans in a circle and can do 360 degrees once a second, and can rescan in less time for closer, but it takes longer for longer ranges. It won't be overpowered because a lot can happen in 1 second that it wont even detect. So people will run 2 or more radars to get faster updates.
  6. Oh. Yea, I feel stupid. I keep remembering that this is pre alpha, and that you guys probably have a long list of ideas already. :-[
  7. At the moment you need a dozen sensors to detect the area around your drone, which gets ridiculous because of the bouncy physics and their narrow detection area. Imagine a giant cluster of sensors, all wobbly and destroyed almost instantly. I purpose a new sensor with a 22.5 degree detection area. Not overpowered like a full circle of detection, but it would cut our necessary sensors in half. I also like the idea of being able to rotate the sensing area from a slider and not having to rotate the whole sensor. I could let this suggestion go if we were given an area of detection
  8. We could do with a mini-game to play when it's loading. A simple space invader would work, like in the old Ridge Racer games. Or maybe the game could just show you a shematic of your drone, so you can think about your build while you wait for it to load. Here is a 2D Pong I've made for fun in a few programming languages. 2D Pong Download Click the red square to start, click to go faster, right-click to slow down. I also made "Mineland" (skip to 2 minutes in the video) I don't know about your computer, but there are several loading screens that take 10 to 15 seconds for
  9. This would be easy to manage. Add another box, so instead of just the "Assign key" area you also have an "Assign pointer". So if you don't even need a key to activate it, you can leave that part blank.
  10. If I understand you correctly, you wan't the reverse of an IMPLY gate. This is from the Wikipedia article on IMPLY gates; Inputs Output 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 So an IMPLY gate and a NOT gate should get you what you want.
  11. It turns off the Engines if it is pushing against the Nimbatus, but yes, it does have to touch it to detect it.
  12. I made a "sensor" that detects it and turns off the engines: http://strayfawnstudio.com/forum/index.php?topic=852.0
  13. Here is a sensor to keep your satellite up and a simple digger that can beat the core. If you don't use logic disconnecters, you can put all the circuits on the satellite. The digger works just fine, even that weak. The sensor for the satellite needs to be less sensitive than the one keeping it level. Otherwise the thrust turns off for some reason.
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