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  1. I have seen this bug once. With my Miner campaing. But, that campaing does not exist now If I remenbered correctly, game says "mission completed" before entering planet (or, in the planet. I can't remember correctly)
  2. I have been playing Nimbatus in a while. Trying some new stuff. But I found it difficult. Today, I watched this video and I shocked. I had not understood Tag feature but this video teached me that. And, I am much more comfortable now while creating drones. And I saw a lot of youtubers (and, maybe, other players) does not know Tag features. For example, I have not seen Lathland use it. I suggest that tag system have to add tutorials. Soo, new players can capable of learn that.
  3. I am playing 0.7.4. I had not playing race mode. Today, I want to try it. I created my drone making use of testflight (using TestRace mode). My drone barely good in there (because of my inexperience). But, when I try to real race, I saw air resistance is different. Much more resisting than testflight. Soo... My drone could not win any race. Also, it was not going smooth because of air resistance. I guess this is a kind of bug? PS: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/7630-cryogenitc-tank-missing/ I have same issue on my last campaing run. And I just jump a
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