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  1. STM


    Autonomous drones can combat each other in the sumo arena. So asynchronous pvp-multiplayer is already possible with uploaded drones and sumo. But yeah... That feels a bit like chess by mail. 😁
  2. STM

    0.5.2 Typo in mission description

    I guess that this typo is specific to the mission 'destroy hives' and will pop up on every planet that hat this mission. But as Roger said: this will be fixed later
  3. STM

    Aesthetics of Weapon Colors

    Yeah! Let us create rainbow-weaponry 🌈🌈🌈 Different colors could have an effect like more range with less damage from red to violet or something like that...
  4. I think there is missing something in the third sentence. 'But dont' that...'
  5. I know a few ways to use a 555. But today i would just use a small uC. But you are right, i'm pretty sure there are much more options to use this little timer than the things i used it for But to get back to a more plausible reality we just can hope for the devs to implement a few basic timer-blocks. Edit: Typo...
  6. Playing on multiple computers works fine as Steam keeps the gamefiles in sync. But the time that is shown ingame when selecting one of the three slots starts from zero on every individual machine. Please fix this so players don't get confused if they i.e. play on a PC and a laptop
  7. Factoring time into some timer-gates would be a nice addition! Something like a NE555 On delay, off delay, with and without retrigger would be a nice start...
  8. STM

    Tag bindings-What are they?

    They work quite similar to buttons. I.e. assign a normal button to the trigger a logic trigger, put a tag into the tag-output and the same tag to the tag-input of a shield and you can turn on/off the shields with the press of a single button. I hope its clear how to use them now. If not, just ask
  9. STM

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    That should make it a bit easier to avoid the snake
  10. Maybe this could be a function of the core rather than placing parts on the planet. Think of the snake or meteors that could destroy the locator parts. Add this feature to the core (or a special part) that adds a blip in the radar screen wherever the core / part is when a button or tag is activated. Different colours with different buttons / tags should help to differentiate between the three resources, quest location and enemies. This could also bring up the possibility of having a permanent marker for later visits to the planet. Edit: Another way to solve this would be to enhance the mini map to a level where it will show the visited parts like a real picture of the planet. Like clearing the fog of war in many other games.
  11. STM

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    A really nice way to circumvent the part limit!
  12. STM

    Development WIP

    I like explosions, even when It's 'just' explosive growth. Sooo... Looks balanced enough to me πŸ˜‰
  13. STM

    We did the impossible!

    A nice example of how something broken can be made into something more than it was before. Now the 'rockwood' has another story to tell. Good job πŸ‘
  14. STM

    Reuse parts group (inter-drone clipboard)

    Let's add an option to make some sort of templates from a bunch of parts. Those templates can be organised in a list like weapons and are always accessable in the editor (button to toggle on/off) independent of the drone that is edited right now. Probably the list should have some decent sorting functions to find the right thing. Like search for thrusters, weapons and stuff.