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  1. STM

    add wheels

    Wheels have been a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign and will probably be implemented sooner or later 👍
  2. Seems like resolutions and much more so aspect ratios are getting out of hand lately. 32:9 is also available, i.e. Samsung CRG9...
  3. Maybe let the shrinking circle (rotating hexagon?) have blades that deal increasing damage over time the farther it has come to the center. So there WILL be an end, no matter what...
  4. STM

    A poll on features

    moved to 'feature request' 👍
  5. Although it doesn't hit hard it's really looking awesome in doing so 👍
  6. Yes, the best workaround are flamethrowers. Maybe a solution could be to make terrain take damage from the mass / velocity of the drone itself. Ramming into a solid wall will still stop, you but leaves a little dent in the ground. (could probably lead to new ways of terraforming ) But something like a little spot of rubble does not really have anything to say in that matter and will just be crushed into nothingness.
  7. STM

    Cryogenitc tank missing

    Happend in campaign mode. With 'erased the planet' i meant 'meltet away everything that is destroyable with weapons'. I gave up on this planet and moved on to another galaxy, so im not able to test it again...
  8. STM

    Cryogenitc tank missing

    Galaxy #8, Planet Vaeraexu (upper system, right planet) Mission: overheating cryogenic tank I erased the planet and the container just can't be found and it's not destroyed as that would fail the mission.
  9. I'm in galaxy #8 right now and i know the pain... A quick fix to make it a bit more durable would be to remove the names on the normal weapons, those that are exactly the same should just stack instead of using another slot.
  10. Yeah, i'd rather have a turret floating on a single pixel of terrain than to shoot through it. So a check to make shure the turrets or their projectile-spawn-points are above ground would seem like a solution
  11. The remote connection is just between the resource collector and the tank. The tank still has to be emptied in the 'floating thing'. So i assume it's best procedure to just always have one tank in the 'floater'.
  12. The resource tank has to be placed/dropped into the collector for the remote resource transfer. Probably the easiest way to go for is to place a resource tank under your drone and disconnect it right after the start. Gravity will help to get it in the right place.
  13. I wasn't able to reproduce it. I didn't try the original drone and just copied it to try if it works and it did. thestes he original one and to my surprise it works without a problem. Maybe my problem was a special snowflake and melted as i restarted Nimbatus?
  14. Yes, the captain is displayed as the right one, energy and fuel works remotely. I haven't modified my drone, a version earlier the remote resources just worked like intended. (dropped the resorce tank into the container) I willcopy / create a new drone from scratch and report my findings.
  15. The remote resource transfer stopped working from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2. I tried to delete the modules and place them again, no change. Remote fuel and energy still works fine.
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