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  1. STM

    Guten Tag

    Hallo Bia! Willkommen im Forum und viel Spaß mit Niche 👍
  2. STM

    Development WIP

    Could you please explain the boundaries of the racetrack and the markers? Thanks!
  3. STM


    Thank you for your effort to keep the topic-counter low 😄
  4. STM

    Simple idea for dummies like me

    Maybe it would help to add a 'this sensor is pointing in THIS direction'-arrow on the directional sensor. I also often have to change the outputs or rotate the sensor...
  5. I like the idea that every logic block gets a 'dis/enable'-input. But it should be possible to freely set a button or tag to every different gate. So it's an option to de/activate only parts of your logic.
  6. STM

    Recoupler part.

    Good idea! Upvoted👍
  7. You are right. The tutorial needs some love and afaik the crew is working on that. But there are so many suggestions and bugs reported it probably won't happen too soon.
  8. STM

    Planets moving

    That would probably look cool Eventually it could lead to confusion aka 'Dude! Where is my planet?'
  9. STM

    Drone gun

    Useless and annoying for Mining, check! But used as ammo for a Drone-Gun? Sounds fun to me!
  10. STM

    Intelligent weapon visuals

    Maybe i just had a great idea! Or a dumb one, you decide... When placing a weapon it has to be made in the editor first to appear in the list. Different drones require different weapons and so my weapon selection is cluttered with things i don't need right now. What about an option to just place a 'weapon'-part in the editor and then select the type, damage type and upgrades from a pop-up after the placement... That way this weapon that is only used once in a special drone will only be created in this drone and don't clog the scrollbar of weapons.
  11. STM

    Multiple toggle

    Don't forget an input for the reset 👍
  12. STM

    Special launch give away

    Adding to the postcount...
  13. STM

    Wireless power

    This has been a topic already. Please don't expect too much, but it was discussed and maybe we can get this functionality back in some form of an optional 'cheat'-mode. Maybe. Eventually. Definitely later 😁
  14. STM

    Let factory parts start unprinted

    Make it so. Please👍