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  1. Researchable Satellites Power connection block

    Maybe that would be an option for the menu to turn on after a warning that this is not the way it's meant to be played.
  2. 0.3.2 LED not working if no key is assigned

    As long as there's an easy workaround for this it doesn't really matter for now. But to fix know issues is always a good thing to do. Thanks!
  3. I made a Logic-Subdrone to control the thrusters and some LEDs on the core. Automated thrusters are working fine on the core-part, so the logical connection is there. But the LEDs that should show if the curser is left or right don't light up when only a Tag is "connected". But if a key is assigned to the LED the signal from the Tag is working just fine. Slot2.nimbatusSaveGame Slot2.nimbatusSaveGame.Meta
  4. Complex Melee

    Why is my brain showing pictures of battering rams and other medieval siege weapons? Up!
  5. AFAIK the beta is only available on Steam. Other platforms will get the update when the final version of the patch is ready.
  6. Right-click on the niche in the list of installed games, go to properties and select the beta-tab. In the drop-down menu select beta and press ok. That should do it. Hop that helps!
  7. Replicator

    Markus, to spawn small sattelites without a core would be cool enough! As how high the partlimit per subdrone should go... Probably start small with 10-15 parts and get that number up with upgrades to 25-35 parts. It probably need tests to see how this would impacts performance. But as a developer you could surely make a good guess on how much this will stress the computer.
  8. Replicator

    A module that can build/spawn sub-drones. Some special form of decoupler or somthing like that, where the decoupled part can be replicated. It should cost energy and time and/or a special resource. Maybe the core has some sort of special energy that doesn't replenish over time. Could be upgraded to hold higher ammounts.
  9. Upgrades for the Nimbatus

    Let the Nimbatus have some abilities/upgrades like -scanning a planet for resources to see if there is none, little or medium ore could be free, pay for upgrades so see which and how many of each resource there is. -showing the scanned resources on the minimap -reducing the time to scan a planet -scan there the enemys are -upgrade the minimap to see the outer/inner structure of the planet
  10. What if sensors had analog outputs additional or instead of 1 or 2 digital outputs? That would allow for new analog logic parts like: -compare input analog1 with analog2 and depending on what is greater a digital output is set -one analog input, multiple digital outputs depending on analog value (min/max) -add/substract, multiply/divide, int/diff, closed loop controller (PID) E.g.: -a booster with analog input to control the speed -a hinge should output it's position as analog output, some logic could then control the exact position -the hinge should also accept analog input instead of just turn left/right -timer should have analog inputs to change the timing
  11. RE-coupler

    That could make playing Transformers possible, up!
  12. Weapon upgrade tech tree improvement

    Yeah, there should be some sort of progression even after all the upgrades are bought. Maybe if the techtree is complete all upgrades can be bought another time with better effects but with much increased cost. More slots may be cool, but they probalby will break balancing. But that don't have to be that bad if the player already has beaten so many planets. Overkill works!
  13. PvE-Sumo sounds interesting! I think we need more modules / options with logic to automate for this kind of challenge without getting a screen full of logic...
  14. Particle bounce is comparable with laser reflect, i think it's looking great but i don't know if it really does more damage/digging. Maybe the miner from the alpha can be upgraded to also dig, so a few of those will mine away the useless "mineral" (aka planet) and if some valuable resources show up on the way they are sent to the storage.
  15. Spam

    I blocked some spambots, but i can't do much more than blocking for now. If a new bot appears please report a post from the bot, a single report per bot is sufficient to bring it to our attention. Thank you!