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  1. Yeah, shots fired trough terrain are something that is nothing new. This issue has been much worse, was adressed with a patch but is still happening. Although much better now it should not happen at all... Maybe increasing the minimal distance that enemies can fly near the terrain could help to give the collision detection from the shots fired against terrain more time / a chance to detect it correctly? The same effect could be achieved by increasing the size of the enemies collision box without making them appear bigger. If that's possible...
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I never thought of that possibility 😄
  3. I often search for the Hammerheads that I'm supposed to kill for way too long, so... Senor Lvl4: show big enemys on map (hammerheads) Sensor Lvl5: show Mission target(s) on map
  4. Yes! That would help to identify if the warning can be safely ignored or something is really wrong.
  5. A factory printing factorys that print small cursor following weapons. Eat that snake! Btw: The snake is enraged when an egg is destroyed, but it don't really know where to go. So this may be a bit unfair... In case someone is wondering where the energy is coming from: engineer cap and a factory printing batteries A camera module on each minidrone will keep em on screen in average.
  6. Maybe not really a bug, but its bugging me Galaxy #4 Planet Kaege, Mission overheating cryogenic tank The tank is located near the core inside the rock (or maybe a really small cave), making it really hard (I'm still trying) to recover without damaging it. Maybe a check for it to be placed in a cave at least double the size of the container would be nice.
  7. A great way to let people help! (or get translators for free as some would say... ;-)) I'm not sure what to think of the new font. Maybe I'm too used to the old one and I just need some time getting used to the new one. I try to help testing the german part.
  8. Would it help to make a output_log_#.txt where # is a number from 0 to 9 and ònly after reaching 9 to start overwirting at 0 again? when looking at the timestamp of the file it should be easy enough to locate the latest one. I meant the pinned post from Philo, but I thing i was blind or really tired as it states the correct paths. Sorry about that!
  9. I'm playing with the engineer on normal difficulty and i just try to get the interesting modules from the planets. Most have some unobtanium to grab and with not really places to spent it in the first 2 galaxies it just accumulates, the first ore planet also helped a lot to get it. But yeah, i may farm a bit too much and don't push to the next galaxy hard enough because there is a module in that system on the other way to the next wormhole. So i play more missions than needed to progress. Also worth mentioning is the factory i got on entering galaxy #3, that helps me a lot to just clear those planets
  10. Great update! I have all the mothership updates in galaxy 3. Cool stuff, but maybe a little bit too easy to get... or is this intentional?
  11. Good idea! But I haven't found either so far...
  12. Will the file be overwriten when the game is launched? If so it's too late for this case, but I will post the log next time! Please edit the "read this first" post to match the actual paths, thank you!
  13. Edited my drone, clicked test and remembered i forgot something and hammered esc to get back to the editor. Nimbatus didn't like that and crashed back to windows withour error. I would like to add a log, but i can't find any. The patch to the savefiles changed, maybe because the new way the savegames are created? So i just grabed this file and hope it's what you expect 196a5a1f-ff3d-4f3d-9b33-7831d6b9f32e.nimbSave
  14. I just had the same issue. I hope this will get fixed soon
  15. One tower spawned inside the shield, so it's impossible to complete the mission. Galaxy #2, Planet Peboca
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