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  1. STM

    Enemys spawning IN me near Hive!

    Seas! Grammatik? Is ned soo schlimm solange der Sinn erhalten bleibt. Bin a von dort 👍 Yeah, i know it's annoying. But there are more important things right now that need attention.
  2. STM

    Drop system and more features

    Does that really increase the difficulty? I think it just increases the time it takes to get to the same point (parts and tech). Grinding resources as a timesink don't make the game harder, just more 'annoying'. It could be an additional option to resort to, but grinding can't be the only thing to change with difficulty. @Markus Ich wünsche dir viel Glück die eierlegende Wollmilchsau zu erfinden! (I wish you good luck inventing the thing i don't know how to translate😅... egglaying woolmilkpig?)
  3. STM

    New team member!

    Welcome to the team!
  4. STM

    Grappling Hook/contact magnet/rope

    Merged, it's the same idea
  5. STM

    Heating suggestions

    As the lava update just got released maybe it's time to bring attention to this again
  6. Great ideas! Maybe adding a 'turret-free zone' around the spawn point just to avoid beeing shot at after a few seconds of entering the planet...
  7. STM

    Flip-flop/Memory (Also NOR gates)

    That. Please!
  8. STM

    Fuel and Energy Sensors

    That could be useful to create some sort of efficiency-based drones. And i guess there can't be something like too many sensors 😁
  9. STM

    Feedback on Current Progress

    Just a quick hint regarding the boxes (and other stuff): try to dump them into the collector
  10. STM

    New Story Mode Options

    I guess this is related to Niche instead of Nimbatus 😄 Moved it...
  11. STM

    Logic gates => truth tables?

    A truth table that 'hides' the logic can simplify the programming of a drone. It just helps to reduce the amount of gates needed to achieve the intended result if one wants to use it.
  12. STM

    Status Pads

    I don't see what this idea can lead to, but it's interesting enough to support it 👍
  13. STM

    Development WIP

    Yeah, what's that? Does it have a name? Will it explode when shot and does it have some lava in it that's flowing to the centre of gravity? And the hammerhead looks cool! Or hot in this case...
  14. STM

    Development WIP

    Naughty trees! Let's give em some space 😉 Is this a new big black mushroom for Adria? Or a Sponge? Whatever... what is the name of it?
  15. STM

    0.3.2 LEDs don't react to tags

    I had the same problem, my workaround was to assign the leds an unsused key. Then the leds worked just fine with tags.