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  1. I believe in Yellowstone there is a pack of over 35 wolves which is known as the Druids, they are the largest pack in recorded history but thats in Yellowstone where there is an abundance of prey and barely any hazards for the wolves. However, most packs do just consist of mum dad and their pups, it depends on whether the territory can support the larger numbers when the pups grow up and the alphas or dominants might chase all or one or two off so there are fewer mouths to feed. If there are a lot of predators in the territory is another factor, its about balance, ensuring all members can be fed while making sure the pack is strong enough to deal with competition. The average pack has 6-10 members. Some islands in niche for example might be able to support a larger population or you might find in others a bit of overcrowding in the smaller islands or less prey/food like in the savannah islands or you might want more members to provide warmth in the colder islands so the max size of your pack could depend on the island you're on. Finally, the young pups are the most important thing in the pack so really in order to make sure they can eat they should be set to alpha status until they grow up, I'm not sure if you want to change the duration of their lives in this challenge because everything revolves around raising their pups and with niche they grow up so fast so that might be something to consider. Sorry, think I got a little carried away, I just love wolves and its very refreshing to see them done right (WolfQuest as much as I love it absolutely ruined wolf pack roleplays for me)
  2. I'd bought it on a steam sale but I lost interest pretty quickly as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, the amount of extinct tribes I had was actually ridiculous Then I watched part of Jessmie's Adam's Journey playthrough and now I can play from dawn until dusk, wish it worked on my laptop though so I don't freeze to death which is why I am really looking forward to the switch port
  3. So often I'll just do a for fun run and see what happens, i find a lovely Eve with poison fangs and blue eyes. I've had four babies with the exact same genes, one baby has different genes but its the wrong gender, so far this Eve has had 11 kids, she has one per turn, she dies without giving me a possible pairing, typical I also found a wanderer baby and she also has the same genes, this game sometimes I swear
  4. Its taken me a long time to realise that I've done it again. Kiku actually has a son. Misaki is renamed Jurou Wakana did it again, she passes away and look who shows up He picked the wrong girl to mess with though, with the help of her daughter Siko they make short work of the bear We finally move islands, Yori becomes the next alpha, again even though they are brother and sister his mate is Haruna Noku and Yoko also mate, I'm going to try and get a Jessimew from their line, their gems will be red So far its not looking too great Yoko does manage to unlock digging paw for us. First baby from our alpha pair Changing my name generator now we're using spanish, apparently Joel is a spanish name. Much better. Since Noku isn't young Yoko is trying to have as many babies as possible before he passes Another grey baby Jurou and Sakura mate, their baby is a potential mate for Chiyo I was beginning to think there were no permanent nests on this island and then Aki finds one for her mother to use Yoko and Noku's next baby, not a potential Jessimew but he's so pretty And i think we've got our first set of twins and it looks like they're identical, their names are Juliana and Sofia Unfortunately they lack poison fangs Taking a break from this, hopefully I'll come back to it at some point
  5. Kotone's baby also didn't get the E gene but she does have big body in both slots so thats really good. Kotone tries one more time but ran out of turns and Ku passes today Yuma and Chou's next baby I didn't realise how close to the port we were, handy in case another bear comes after Wakana Not another one And this rogue keeps going after the females with the same immunity genes. Noku drives him into the water Takeshi finally rejoins his tribe, he had been helping to keep the rogues away Oof not the best genes and its Chou and Yuma's last baby as Chou is getting old, Chou did manage to unlock toxic body for us though Siko at last manages to unlock cracker jaw too The tribe starts to move towards the port, its going to be hard deciding who to take to the next island
  6. I believe this will be the last baby from our current alpha pair as Noburu is getting old Did they swap the babies or something while I wasn't looking this doesn't seem at all right Chou's baby is Yoko and Kiku's is Kotone, both girls have HII which is pretty good I was about to say he's back but its a different rogue, looks pretty similar though And this little guy just jumped out, he has a curious set of genetics, lean body and big body in his inactive traits, Chou invites him and he takes bright pink gems I don't really know who to pair him with though, if he was a bit younger I'd pair him with Yoko I hate the dodomingos, Chou manages to find another permanent nest but its occupied Pic of all of Kiku's daughters, they take dark blue gems. All but Lami, the water bodied one have HII Picking out the next alpha isn't easy this time, Nanami and Nuburo had 6 children and 4 of those are male. I was thinking of making Jirou the alpha but he doesn't have a mate yet wheres his brother Yuma does. Nanami has pretty much separated herself from the rest of the tribe so Yuma and his mate Chou take their alpha gems Interesting looking lady, we don't really need more A in the tribe but we invite her in to unlock the wings I have just seen she has scorpion tail in her inactive traits though which is a shame I never renamed the wanderer Kupleple (Just calling him Ku for now) but since hes getting old and I want to try and pass on the E gene he and Wakana mate, please for the love of niche do not spawn another bear for her So distracted by Malara I forgot about Yuma and Chou's baby, a lot of double clawed creatures in this tribe. Thinking about it I might be able to breed a Jessimew in this playthrough Kotone breeds with Ku since their genes line up, sort of and i want to try and keep the E gene, Wakana's baby unfortunately did not have it Speaking of
  7. Third baby from our alphas Oh great, on the bright side he has different immunity genes Thankfully theres only one path and Toru blocks the rogue male from getting any more of our females. This section of the island is actually a little bit too cluttered Of course the baby doesn't get the new immunity gene Um, what is it with Wakana's line, her mother found the first one then she attracts another one to her nest. I was about to say this would be a nice little nursery. Vanta runs for it and Toru runs up to poison the beast. Kiku is trying to find a way around to get to it but everything is in her way Thank goodness the healing plant is there Lomi uses her last day to do as much damage as she can to the bear. Wakana abandons young Riku to save herself, to be fair his genes aren't great The bear kills poor little Riku On a happier note Nanami's new baby is a beast like his sister And the non water bodied creatures finally made it across the water which is great news because Vanro and Kiku are going to be mates and Yuma and Chou are also going to be mates. The bear finally dies, after attacking Wakana, of course but she eats the healing plant and is as good as new, again
  8. Closest I've gotten is the first cold island It would seem the bear just wanted a nice swim because he hasn't even moved towards the island, still we did need to move islands Nanami and Noburu mate at last Their first baby, a cute lil beast, well for this tribe anyway strongest so far. I'm not sure who to pair her with because i actually have a choice this time wow shocker I know. If only he had poison fangs too Wakana and Toru mate, I'm not too happy with this pairing since they both have spiky body in their genetics. Well we avoided the spiky body at least Noburu has already dived into the stream so Nanami follows, she finds a healing plant on the other side which Wakana could use. All the water bodied creatures follow the alphas while the non water bodies grumble about taking the long way round Another surprise wanderer, unfortunately he's a bit too old
  9. Sigh Nira passed her sickness onto her baby Uhhh what Missy has almost gone so for some unknown totally unrelated reason the new alpha pair Noburu and Nanami decide to move islands
  10. Tami finally gets into a nest and has her first baby. At last some different immunity genes but we STILL can't pair him with any of the girls argh Yuki, Kasima and Makoto have literally explored the entire top half of the island but didn't manage to find any more wanderers FINALLY I'm pairing her with Noburu even though hes her brother (to me only immunity genes matter) and they'll probably be the next alpha pair. Takuya passes away and we finally come across another wanderer Why does she have to be sick sigh, she is given yellow gems. Makoto comes down to meet her, her fertility is causing some problems. And here is Tami and Hanzo's next baby, first one with blue eyes
  11. Kolael unlocks nimble fingers for us The amount of roots on this island is absolutely ridiculous Takuya and Missy's first baby, I love the way he looks Masuru and Kolael manage to have another baby, the immunity genes are starting to concern me We have found a lot of nests on this island but barely anyone can actually use them, its like a nest every two spaces. I'm really hoping Kolael's I gene will get passed on at some point ANTLERS And Kolael's baby is named Koji. At least Masuru's kids all have big bodies so they're all hunting for the tribe. Yuki and Kasima are also working together in the upper part of the island, I'd love to find someone for Kasima at least Hmm this lady came out of nowhere, she is given pink gems Masaru will be passing away soon so he meets up with his mate to try for one last baby, please game give me the I gene Tami and Hanzo mate, guess who wasn't paying attention and forgot to do their mutation menu Oh look finally we get a baby with the I immunity gene now lets see out of the many females we have who can we pair him, none of them At least Kolael manages to unlock claws and ram horns for us so hopefully we can make our water bodied babies a bit stronger More antlers but still struggling to play match maker here
  12. I am praying to the niche gods now please don't bonk Adam on the head with a coconut, he was hunting a pesky lil bunny and ended up under the tree You know its a shame we don't have digging paws, there are TONS of roots on this island. The gods of niche were kind and let Adam go and he managed to snag another bunny as he fled the tree Another boy but a cute one, I love the pink fur and he has green eyes We can't have any more babies on this island so Adam gets his family to move down to the port as soon as little Takuya grows up a bit more that is On the next island Takuya finds a nest right off the bat for his mother to use and Eve manages to find two berry bushes fairly quickly but Masuru finds the nest next to the bushes, just as I move Eve to the one away from them doh Finally we have a little girl, aaaaaand of course we can't pair her with anyone, she's pretty though with those green eyes Another girl, this one can be paired with Takuya which isn't really ideal since I'd like to breed out the water body Takuya is our nest finder since he finds yet another one close to the current one Another girl we can't pair with anyone else Another boy at last but we still can't pair him with anyone This is the last baby from Adam and Eve, looks like we won't be able to find a mate for several of the tribe, knowing my luck a wanderer will pop out of the grass either with the wrong genes or almost dead God this island is just overrun with bunnies and because of their water bodies several of the tribe can't hunt them Oooh a wanderer female, fertility not great though. Since she has big body she'll mate with Masaru. Despite fertility being poor they manage to successfully mate. Their gems will now be red Adam and Eve pass away on the same day so Takuya and Missy take their alpha gems. Takuya will be the alpha so from now on the next alpha will always be male Masuru and Kolael's baby
  13. I'm trying to get back into Niche but I'm struggling to stay interested in my saves after a while, still haven't made it to Home Island. Documenting them here seems to help, sort of. I am looking for a new challenge to try but nothing too complicated I've changed my gem colours a bit, all you need to know is there will be an alpha and the alpha's mate. The alpha will have two blue gems and one green in the middle and their mate will have two green gems and one blue in the middle. Depending on the babies we get from Adam and Eve the next alpha will always be a certain gender, to be determined. I like this Eve, those antlers better stay in the line First baby Lil cutie You'd think using a random name generator would make naming them easier, not if it gives you names that you can barely say let alone spell. I've settled on using japanese names for now
  14. The tribe is strong enough for the second bear and no one gets hurt, Miercoles came across some more healing plants anyway. India and Delta have been spending some time together so they decide to mate. India gets lean body and Delta gets black fur. I add claw to India's menu and leave Delta's for the time being. We're going to wait to see their baby since we have plenty of time. Miercoles passes away Nut finds a nest we could use. She mates with Oscar, Nut gets swimming tail and Oscar gets stinky tail. I also add the big body to Oscar's menu and big nose to Nut's Heqet meets up with Horus at last and mates with him one last time A blue bird appears in the sky in anticipation of Nut's baby. Geb comes up to look after his sister Nut and Oscar's baby, not blind thank goodness Isis passes away today so we'll have to choose a new leader Interesting last baby for Heqet and Horus Delta takes on his mother's role as leader and we roll a 20 Oscar is the first to step onto the port Heqet and Horus pass away We're about ready to leave but Tangos webbed feet make her really slow so we're just waiting for her to catch up On the whale India finds an termite mound that Tango can use. Oscar and Nut mate again Geb passes away Nut finds the first nest and quickly gets into it, the heat is making her slow and she's not exactly young anymore Oscar and Nut mate one last time, she passes away after giving birth to her daughter India is ready to have her baby and Delta finds and kills the first mole he sees Stopping there because its too cold to type
  15. Leader Isis is the first to explore the new home and comes across a nest and poison berry bush which our scorpion tails can gather from. She settles down on the nest to have her baby. There are A LOT of poison berry bushes around here, Sets going to have his work cut out for him Isis's first baby, the game wanting to name him Dukterdukduk lol. He is named Delta instead Nut and Geb explore a bit more and find the first normal berry bush Oops, the game put a cactus next to a berry bush and Heqet got hurt gathering from it instead of the safe bush, she does smell some healing plants though Miercoles sets up a nest for her baby. Uh oh this little guy is blind He's going to have to find a good place to gather from since we can't put him on bunny duty Heqet heals herself and its like nothing ever happened, she sets up a nest next to the healing plants in case Brumby does something dumb again Isis starts to lead the tribe to the whale port Not good Wow this rogue just happened to hop right next to Delta The tribe surround the bear and take it down Sets last day and he continues to gather from the poison berry bushes since he's the only one who can do it Are you serious ANOTHER ONE
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