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  1. The game never crashed for me. I still checked the crashes folder but, nothing was there.
  2. I found the the problem. My campaign save file is corrupt. When I try to go to my campaign save it has 0 seconds and it shows the missing texture and stuff.
  3. I think it uninstalling was a problem with steam. At some point I tried to run Nimbatus while steam wasn't on, so steam had to open first but, before it could finish my computer shut off because someone flipped a switch that turns off the power in my room. Also I just found the text document called debug in the nimbatus folder. debug.log
  4. I strongly dislike the feature that changes the assigned button on thrusters when you copy and paste them. It's only useful for one type of drone and, it makes it harder to make different types of drones. You could make it optional but, you should remove it entirely. The reason you should get rid of this feature is that it pushes people to only make one type of drone. Getting rid of the feature would make more people try making different types of drones.
  5. Today when I went to play Nimbatus, steam said I had to download it. For some reason it got uninstalled but, I just re downloaded it. When I opened the game it was fine. I went to creative and it asked if I wanted a tutorial. I pressed the no option and proceeded to my save files but, there was only one with 0 seconds. I went into it thinking it was just displaying the wrong time, but then is told me to choose a captain. This is odd because I'm in creative but even more odd is the picture that is attached. Instead if any pictures of captains it was a missing texture. Most text was replaced wit
  6. Large sphere with a hole in the middle so small circle parts can fit into it.
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