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  1. I saw this issue just before after cloning a drone. The drone's name was highlighted after I clicked the name edit box, but all keystrokes went to the description edit box, leaving the name unchanged. I'm trying to reproduce the issue now, but so far I'm unable to.
  2. I don't recall if there was a transmitter on this planet. It was a few days ago, and my brain has pushed out information. Here's another interesting one I came across tonight, where a cannon hit one of those purple clouds right next to it, which then covered the cannon in terrain. The first shot in this video is the curious one, which collides with the edge of the new terrain. That's followed by a shot through mostly original terrain that manages to get out. On the same planet I also encountered multiple instances of turrets shooting through terrain, but I won't provide image
  3. Here's a GIF of the corp fighter I encountered that was inside an ore deposit. Unfortunately I snapped it a bit early, but you can clearly see it sitting in there, and then start coming at me.
  4. I was messing around with using TNT decoupling for a docking system, and noticed the animation for the 1-radius explosion is much larger than 1! Would be great if the explosion animation can be more appropriate for the part's configuration.
  5. I came across this just last night too while playing around with logic circuits. After deleting an entire group of parts (or using cut -- can't quite remember), I found that the tags for those parts still existed while editing that drone. I thought that maybe they were being kept around by an undo list or something. But after going in to edit a brand new drone, all tags from the previous drone were still lying around including those tags that were only used on removed parts.
  6. Hi @Markus yes, this was happening with 0.7.4 just a day or two ago. As far as I'm aware that is the latest version. I did quickly snap a GIF when I passed a fighter inside an ore deposit. Will try and track it down when I get a chance (it's on another machine that's busy right now). In that same session I'd encountered several instances of fighters inside terrain, but didn't screenshot.
  7. Hammerhead shoal versus my carpet bomber. Mwahaha!!
  8. Note that this same issue happens with Corp fighters spawning inside terrain or ore deposits.
  9. Here's a galaxy with a sweet planetary alignment that messes up the marker display in a super confusing way. Could add something simple to stop the planets from spawning like this? For instance, as you roll each new planet's position, the nearest it can be to the current planet is about 20 degrees or so. Or use the springy physics stuff from your weapon editor to push the planets apart.
  10. Yeah I wondered if it's not an air resistance thing at all. It could be mass related, and just feels like resistance when thrusters lose effectiveness. Still, in a zone with no air resistance, the drone surely shouldn't be decelerating when not under thrust.
  11. Oh right hmm yeah I see that a bit, where resources get a kind of outer crust that's impenetrable. Usually though, I can get around the side of it, and then mine it from the inside. Also see that same "crust" shape when respawning on a planet where I've mined an entire patch of resource. Or destroying one of those purple puffy cloud things next to where there used to be ore. I've also experienced this same impenetrable thing with terrain, where I could happily mine the terrain inside but couldn't get through a wall. Will have a look on my other machine in case I recorded a GIF of this
  12. I made this simple drone to test an idea of using tags instead of OR-gates. And I noticed that if I have an IF logic module that outputs a tag but no key, then a warning is displayed in the UI. Assigning a key to the output removes this warning. It would make more sense if the warning is only shown if no outputs are configured.
  13. You need a decoupler. Attach the decoupler to your drone, and the resource tank to the decoupler. Assign a key to decouple. People also attach other stuff like fuel and energy to this bundle, rather than have to drag that stuff around a planet. Note: this is only valid if you have wireless resource transfer.
  14. Well, here's the log file from the session where this happened, but I've been playing for a while. I can't just go back and visit a bugged ore planet, because they're single-visit worlds, right? Plus, I've now left that galaxy and cannot go back to check. The log file contains no timestamps, so I can't isolate it to the time when I made the updated post (which is when I was currently on that planet). Anyways, I've attached it, and maybe there's some way for you to find information related to visiting an ore planet in there. Note that I only visited it once. Since then, I've loaded a
  15. Just updating you... I decided to test my specific-machine theory tonight, by starting a new campaign on my dev machine, which was the "different" computer where I'd seen time limits on an ore planet previously, and with which I believe (although not 100% certain) I was doing the Pilot campaign at the time. So I made a new Researcher campaign -- this is the same mode I was in when I saw this issue previously. And when I eventually found an ore planet, I spawned on it to find no time limit. So my new just-as-implausible theory is was that it's related to being in the Researcher campaign
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