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  1. This sounds like a good idea!
  2. Thanks! I also tweaked a few descriptions to make them more clear or give them alternatives.
  3. Increased Food Points: I think it would make sense if dodomingoes were worth more food points. They already look like turkeys! I realize that their point is to be annoying and not worth being killed in favor of guarding nests, but as Austroborks wrote on the Discord server, "if only dodomingos gave lots of food, we could have nicheling thanksgiving". ;D Sexual Dichotomy Related to Increased Food Points: If the developers still want to keep the original point of dodomingoes, that is, to encourage players to guard nests over killing dodomingoes, there could be two types of dodomingoes based on the sexual dichotomy of real life turkeys: The first is just the normal dodomingo we already have that autonomously sits on nests and is not aggressive. This represents a female dodomingo (like a female turkey). She still gives only 1 food point and is unchanged so as to encourage players to still guard their nests. The other is a new kind of dodomingo that doesn't fight for nests but initially wanders around like a rabbil would. This would be the male dodomingo (like a male turkey). He could look larger and more visually striking, like a dodomingo with a black body and blue head feathers on the sides of the grey dodomingo head or something; an alternative look might be an all red/ pink dodomingo (a reference to flamingos) instead to still make it visible but more simple to implement. He should give a lot more food points (e.g. 3-5 points), but he would fight back if attacked or if a creature/ other animal is adjacent to him (just like a real life male turkey, he would be territorial or liable to fight). If a nicheling attacks him, he would be able to move 2 spaces per turn like a bearyena would. He would chase the creature(s) who attacked him. He would deal far less damage than a bearyena, though (maybe 1-2 damage per attack). Wings Hybridization: Lastly, the dodomingo could also be the ticket to winged hybridization for creatures!!! Like with bearyena hybridization, a dodomingo who could become aggressive (either a special female dodomingo that can become aggressive like the male or the male as described before) could be accompanied by a baby dodomingo, which can be tamed and hybridized with if the parent is killed. Unlike bearyenas, however, the parent dodomingo is initially neutral to creatures. Only after being attacked or if the creature is adjacent to the baby dodomingo/ the parent will the parent become aggressive. After being killed, the female would still only drop 1 food point while the male would drop 3-5 points. The baby dodomingo can be tamed and bred with- like bearyenas, there could be special traits in their hybrid offspring. If the tamed dodomingo is supposed to breed with females like tamed bearyenas, then the baby dodomingo would be modeled after the male dodomingo. Possible Examples of Hybrid Genes: (make the alleles as recessive as bearyena hybrid genes; additionally, hybrids lose the dodomingo sexual dimorphism, so male and female hybrids can inherit any dodomingo color as described below regardless of whether traditionally found in males or females) Head- Dodomingo Beak- "Call" ability to attract other creatures (sort of the opposite of bearyena roar- when Call is used, random chance of spawning either a wanderer or dodomingo), +1 cracking, +1 berrypicking, +1 digging, yellow sharp beak like a dodomingo (inspired by real life songbirds' beak functions) Eye- Dodomingo Eye- +3 eyesight (since many birds have good vision), always looks large and round with no whites like a dodomingo, color can either be dependent on eye color genes or a black overlay depending on what developers decide Ears- Feathered Ears- +3 hearing, dodomingo-like feather clusters on the sides of the head in colors that depend on the pattern genes Legs- Dodomingo Hind Leg- +1 speed, +1 digging, looks like bare bird legs (sort of like Big Bird's legs from Sesame Street, but colored with pattern color + fur color instead of pink and orange) with bird talons as feet Pattern Color- Blue (a new pattern color) or black/white* (if breeding with blue, grey, and black male dodomingo model) OR Pattern Color- Red or black/white* (if breeding with red/pink male dodomingo model) Fur Color- Black/white* (if breeding with blue, grey, and black male dodomingo model) OR Fur Color- Red or black/white* (if breeding with red/pink male dodomingo models) *Note: Black/white refers to the alleles that make up the overall phenotype of grey color; white and red refer to the alleles that make up the overall phenotype of pink color Pattern- Stripes (to emulate dodomingo scallops) or no pattern Fertility- Low or sterile like bearyena hybrid In terms of wings: Body- Feathered Body- ability to fly/ glide, feathered wings on back in colors that depend on the pattern genes (it would be cool if there were also bat/ dragon/insect-like wings that could be unlocked some other way) OR Paw- Dodomingo Wing- ability to fly/ glide, winged paw (like a flying squirrel) and/or fully formed feathered wing like a dodomingo bird Thanks for reading this suggestion! I think it would be really cool if some or even all of these ideas were implemented to make dodomingoes more interesting.
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