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  1. Here's a random maneless rouge male I doodled in class
  2. Here's a tip: don't put your over 6 days left eggs in a click site until they are under 6 days left, because then there's a smaller chance they'll get sick
  3. Maybe Now please don't tell anyone about it or maybe you'll become a steak too
  4. Hello and welcome! We serve steak, and they are totally not made out of the people who left!
  5. alex602h

    sign this

    Here's my soul, for I do not have much use for it
  6. The stats for the regular wings is 8 flight if paired
  7. Neglecteds are very hard to get, so don't worry. You can only get neglecteds if the eggs only have one more hour to live, and it didn't get more than 10 views before the last hour I'm pretty sure
  8. Could you draw Roogeh as a theropod?
  9. alex602h

    Dragon Cave

    Post your dragon cave scrolls and discuss dragon cave stuff idk Here's my scroll https://dragcave.net/user/alex602h
  10. Grandma Sky, please tell us stories about the old days!
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