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  1. I am going to say a bad word. Anyways Welcome yo hell friend or foe!
  2. welcome to hell new friend or foe!!!
  3. plzz plz plz my sons I really just want drawings for em draw any of them you want!! LEFT TO RIGHT The Alchemist How fluffy?: A bit of fluff Tail Type: Slim, rests on the ground Colors: drawing below, left Rancor How fluffy?: No fluff Tail Type: Thick, but not fluffy Colors: Middle Lizardcat How fluffy?: Small tiny amount of fluff Tail Type: tail is alike to the cyan lizard tail Colors: Right
  4. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr draw dawn and/or myrros dawn is a werewolf!! and myrros is my beloved dragonborn
  5. welcome to hell new friend or foe!
  6. oh you do not know what she's been through.....................
  7. Welcome back to hell friend!!!
  8. drawing something else rn but I will later!!
  9. my friend by buddy I forgot this existed this is 3 YEARS OLD
  10. He began to bolt along with the rest of them. Hoping and praying he wouldn't be caught.
  11. He began to sneak down, just as the plan was. She snuck past any sort of people that were outside, before sneaking up behind the guard and stabbing them in the back. He grabbed the disoriented guard and hit their head, knocking them out before signaling to the rest of the group.
  12. Hemlock nodded, continuing to creep towards the camp extremely quietly As the camp came into view, he scanned for wherever this prisoner would be kept.
  13. Form: Name: HemlockGlimmer (aka Hemlock) Element: Poison Gender/Pronouns: Demi-boy, He/She Appearance description: Starting age: 17 Sexuality (optional, especially if shipping is enabled): Pan Other: Strives for fame and glory, and knows almost anything about anyone. Permissions form (this is about what you do and do not allow to happen to your character. Respond each with yes or no: Minor permament injuries (scars): Yep Major permament injuries (being crippled, blinded, ect): mhm Death (are you ok with dying): ofc Shipping (romance with other characters): Yep!
  14. GreenTheGreat


    welcome to hell friend or foe!
  15. https://artfight.net/~GreeTheCrowFox 👁️👁️
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