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  1. 11 minutes ago, Epoch Frog said:

    795SemTtulo_20230828134819.thumb.png.da90116d130d17e6e966c8d4ce1a928d.pngSome time ago l Decided to make a Iterator Using my lterator Ref sheet base also as lm not really interessed In having Iterator ocs so would anyone like to have them? their name is Pulse of the North (you can change their name if you would like to)

    (they have their own slugcat Who comes with them They have no name and their ability is that they can release a burning-hot liquid from Little fangs that they have in Their mouth That deals damage to Other creatures nearby them, whenever They do that they have a 2 minutes and 40 Seconds cooldown until they can do that again, And they also have to eat alot to hibernate having 7 Food pipes and 3 that can be stored for The next cycle also they Can only eat Meat (○○○○○○○|○○○) (You can change their ability, Design and etc if you want) 



    can I have 🥺

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  2. plzz plz plz my sons

    I really just want drawings for em

    draw any of them you want!!


    The Alchemist

    How fluffy?: A bit of fluff

    Tail Type: Slim, rests on the ground

    Colors: drawing below, left


    How fluffy?: No fluff

    Tail Type: Thick, but not fluffy

    Colors: Middle


    How fluffy?: Small tiny amount of fluff

    Tail Type: tail is alike to the cyan lizard tail

    Colors: Right


  3. On 7/16/2023 at 5:24 AM, BirbMonster said:

    The group peeked into the small wooden cage. A short Poison Dragon Person sat inside, and excitedley perked up when she saw the group.

    One of the other group members tore the wood aside. Silently, the prisoner stepped out.

    As you ran back out of the camp with the rest of the group, you heard a muffled yell from the top branches. As you looked up, you saw a faint light. 

    "RUN!" One of the members of your team shouted, taking off and flying into the thick trees.

    He began to bolt along with the rest of them. Hoping and praying he wouldn't be caught.

  4. 2 minutes ago, BirbMonster said:

    It was night, so not many of them were outside.

    The camp was a small pit around the biggest tree you'd ever seen. So large, in fact, that all the dens had been built among it's branches, cleary with space for all two hundred of them. In the center of the treetop was a wooden platform, probably some sort of public space. 

    A space below the roots caught your attention. It seemed barred off on purpose, with a single gaurd standing nearby, occasionally glancing back at it.

    The leader signalled again. "There," he whispered, pointing at the cage below the root.

    He began to sneak down, just as the plan was. She snuck past any sort of people that were outside, before sneaking up behind the guard and stabbing them in the back. He grabbed the disoriented guard and hit their head, knocking them out before signaling to the rest of the group.

  5. 1 minute ago, BirbMonster said:

    You snuck through a thick patch of undergrowth with 4 other members of your element.

    A tingle of nervousness ran along your spine as you approached the Plant camp. The Alpha had sent you to rescue a prisoner. 


    The lead member of the group signalled with his tail for everyone to gather around. "We're nearly there. Everyone, be quiet. Keep your tails raised- just in case,"

    Hemlock nodded, continuing to creep towards the camp extremely quietly

    As the camp came into view, he scanned for wherever this prisoner would be kept.

  6. Form:

    Name: HemlockGlimmer (aka Hemlock)

    Element: Poison

    Gender/Pronouns: Demi-boy, He/She

    Appearance description: 


    Starting age: 17

    Sexuality (optional, especially if shipping is enabled): Pan

    Other: Strives for fame and glory, and knows almost anything about anyone.

    Permissions form (this is about what you do and do not allow to happen to your character. Respond each with yes or no:

    Minor permament injuries (scars): Yep

    Major permament injuries (being crippled, blinded, ect): mhm

    Death (are you ok with dying): ofc

    Shipping (romance with other characters): Yep!

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