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  1. (I also don't know what yo do cause angel ran off------ he saved his own butt. I'll think of something after volunteering)
  3. Throughout all of this, Angel had been attempting to sneak off. He had no experience and little gust of wind wasn't gonna do anything! Why should he risk himself for strangers that clearly knew what they were doing?
  4. SOBBING RN BRUH I LOE SIRIN SO MUCHHHH she's really gotta find North bruh (cough cough citrus might know a thing or two about North cough cough) I LOVE SIRIN ❤️ IN THIS HOUSEHOLD WE LOVE SIRIN ❤️
  5. "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP" She shouted, going faster
  6. She decided to grab a pretty big rock and throw it at the propellers of the helicopter
  7. "what the?-" She said quietly. She dove to see what this was about
  8. Name: Vaelia Species: Harpy Pronouns: She/Her Appearance: A large harpy with dark skin, fluffy black hair, and dark green clothing. Her outfit constantly changes. Her wings are stunning amber and brown colors. And her eyes are also amber Abilities: flight, idk bro that's kinda it Other: would kidnap somebody in a heartbeat. Chaotic creature.
  9. I have had so much to do sorry 😭
  10. Angel glanced over at Sullivain. He could feel his fear radiating from him, and hated it. They were gonna die, he just knew it... He kept attempting to back up more, still shaking out of fear.
  11. Angel quivered. He didn't like this why did he agree to this? He didn't want any of this, he just didn't want to die...
  12. Angel started at him, a new kind of fear rushing through him. He began to back up, yanking in hand away from Sullivain's. All he did was stare with very visible fear, the level of emotion that Angel had never expressed before. Any words he said were no more than a stutter. He didn't know who this was, but he already knew the two of them were dead.
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