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  2. Star3s at you guys in my hous3 Pleas3 I'm trying to play guitar
  3. oh hi liz it's goin good :3
  4. I KNOW YOU ARE SO AWESOME fr tho we got the stitched up sonas
  5. ough so tempted to make an rp for these new little dudes
  6. Idk what version of my homethread this is but the new members are so nice so I'm back :3
  7. GreenTheGreat


    Welcome to hell new friend or foe!! Excited to see some more art!!!
  8. Shrunk the file for you so you can use it!
  9. name : Nessus [Neh-zz-us](Nez for short) species : Vuturegriff (specifically a bearded vulture) pronouns : They/He personality : A sleepy dude who is TIRED OF EVERYONE'S CRAP. image/appearance :
  10. Name: Echosong (Echostar) Gender: Enby Pronouns: They/He Rank: Leader Pelt: Family: Echosong's family was left behind when they left to make their clan, they don't normally talk about any of their family. Backstory: Echosong was a cat from distant clan, a clan they don't remember that well. They left and found these territories, able to be molded. Though anxious, they took lead of any cats that would follow them.
  11. whoa! can I grab a leader role and make a character in a second?
  12. "that is not the Easter bunny that is a genocidal maniac..." "same thing!"
  13. Hello little rat!!!! Wrong section but welcome to hell friend or foe!
  14. I'll work on this more today maybe cause I like making random characters
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