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  1. He got more and more upset, saying incomprehensible thing in his squeaky voice as the wind picked up more and more. Eventually the wind did end up launching the earthborn, slamming them into the metal walls. This caused many of the earthy pieces of the beings to crack.
  2. "I DUNNO MAN I'M JUST VERY VERY STRESSED AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I'M DOING THIS" He said in a squeaky voice. As his voice raised, the Earthborn were pushed back yet again, the wind raising up again.
  3. His stress only continued and as a result, the wind continued. The beings staggered and struggled as they approached, but didn't stop. "C'MON JUST STOP ALREADY" He angrily shouted. The wind picked up as he shouted, slightly pushing the Earthborn backwards.
  4. Angel frantically thought... he thought and thought. He was gonna die here. Wasn't he? At this moment full of stress, the breeze in the hallway started to pick up. This was odd, as the hallway was still completely enclosed. The stress kept building up. The wind sped up, but all of it was channeled at the Earthborn, aka right in front of Angel. The wind whipped as the earthborn aiming for Angel started to struggle through the wild gusts. Was... was he doing this?... "Sullivain! Get behind me, I might have a plan" he said through his discomfort, the wind in front of him still as strong as ever.
  5. "well I'm sorry! Guess I should have just let you die!" He said angrily, still holding his ground as the Earthborn's approached him. "And I'm still not a KID!" He said with a growl, never looking back at Sullivain throughout all of this. well, this is it. He thought solemnly, Killed by these.... things... Trying to fight them with a book!
  6. Angel's sleep was light. Nothing was right. I mean, he ended up being correct about that. He jolted awake at the sounding of the alarms. That dreaded sound that nobody wanted to hear... ever. Especially not him. He got up and, still wearing his pajamas and missing the mask he held dearly, peeked his head outside, where Sullivain was staring straight at a duo of those horrible beasts known as earthborn. What was he doing?! He thought with worry and rage as he saw Sullivain just standing there. Angel ducked back into his room, frantically looking around and figuring out something to do. I can't use my funky powers yet! I don't even know how they work! He thought before he grabbed the biggest book he could find in his room. He ran back out as the earthborn charged towards Sullivain. As barely more than his instincts took control, he started to run over to him. Angel raised the book up, suddenly bolting past Sullivain and slamming the tall earthborn's head as hard as he could. The creature got knocked over for a second before stumbling back to their feet, and falling again. The shorter one did a double take, obviously distracted by the distress of its ally. at that moment, Angel's reason came back as he backed up a bit. What was he doing?! This is so dumb! Now we're both gonna die! He thought as he held the book, adrenaline running through his veins as he held the book, ready for whatever came at him.
  7. Angel, as soon as the crowds passed, bolted towards the elevator, and when he got to the housing floor, very audibly sprinted past all other rooms to his own. He threw on anything comfortable and jumped into his bed, falling asleep curled around a plushie.
  8. As the lights came back on, Angel curled tighter into a ball backstage, attempting to cover his eyes as well now that the lights were back on He felt horrible Please let him leave The lights were too loud
  9. As these few people discussed their abilities and powers, Angel sat in as much of a corner as he could put himself in and pulled his beanie over his ears. Was him being here really necessary? He didn't like it here It was loud and nothing was comfortable Angel simply wanted to go back to his room...
  10. "Shut the HELL up" Cedar snapped back, his face still red from the tears. "You don't know who he was at all! nobody did! not even.. me.." He trailed off and fell silent again, staring at the floor.
  11. (I would but idk how to respond to this 😭 )
  12. Cedar sat next to him, his head full and tears streaming from his eyes. He wanted to help, all he wanted was to help... And this is how it ended, huh?.. Nobody was happy, nobody was helped here.
  13. Cedar didn't look up as tears streamed down his face and he was dragged to the lifeboats along with Otto. He didn't say a word and his breathing was heavy and slow. He sat silently in the lifeboat and stared at the ground as they floated off into the water. Was it worth it?.. Of course it was... wasn't it? ARGH why did he have to ask so many questions?! He thought as he stared silently, his expression barely changing as he went through waves of emotion.
  14. yea you can start it back up also I like forget the plot a bit
  15. Cedar stood on the sinking ship, gazing down at the drowned Iris... did he?.. was this?... this was his own fault, wasn't it?... NO! Iris was a liar and a horrible person... as thoughts rushed through his mind, Cedar gazed at the rising water as it clung to his clothing. With all of these factors, Cedar fell to his knees, the water beneath him splashing up and sloshing around him. Cedar began to cry. he had no idea why he was crying, but it felt.. right.
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