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  1. I'll work on this more today maybe cause I like making random characters
  2. Auroraclan meddies now :3 medicine cat- Swallowthicket a diluted tortie tom-cat with medium length fur. He normally has herbs, leaves, and sticks stuck throughout his fur, and despite cleaning these out constantly they persist. He is an optimistic cat, managing to cheer up many of his patients med app- Corvidpaw a grey mottled tom with a splotch looking alike to wings reaching across his shoulders. He has medium length but very soft and fluffy fur that he always keeps clean. He doesn't like many other cats, normally sticking around his mentor. He is quiet, but talks a lot to the cats he likes. If they are alone, he'll be talking to swallow quite a lot
  3. Darkclan cause shadowclan style babies deserve better Leader- Rubblestar A dark grey she-cat with lighter grey speckling by her rear. She has a stub tail and folded over ears. She is a more lanky cat. She is fairly anxious and attempts to live up to past leaders and brave the 'threat' of the other clan leaders Deputy- Archwish A fluffy dark grey she-cat with even darker stripes and mask. She is a strong and beefy cat with a fluffy tail. She is brave and loyal, helping Rubblestar gain her own confidence. Also they're mates 🥰
  4. Anyways, time to mass work on allegiances like the crazy creechur I am
  5. As long as it's fanfic and not published it's fine
  6. Question: do you need all characters or simply background characters? (Either way I gotchu)
  7. I'M drawing this one spiky sharp fur
  8. wait but this is so cool?? (I'm drawing the next one 👁️ ) Very long and fluffy fur
  9. welcome back to hell friend or foe! fellow rain world enjoyer >:3
  10. "it's a perfect moon for a werewolf to come out" she came out she said she's gay so she came out
  11. The Skylark (white) and The flying fish (blue) (sky and fish for short)
  12. omg the skycats (I've been stuck in this place for so long I need to conquer it.....)
  13. hiii! welcome to hell! you'll fit right in it seems!
  14. I am going to say a bad word. Anyways Welcome yo hell friend or foe!
  15. plzz plz plz my sons I really just want drawings for em draw any of them you want!! LEFT TO RIGHT The Alchemist How fluffy?: A bit of fluff Tail Type: Slim, rests on the ground Colors: drawing below, left Rancor How fluffy?: No fluff Tail Type: Thick, but not fluffy Colors: Middle Lizardcat How fluffy?: Small tiny amount of fluff Tail Type: tail is alike to the cyan lizard tail Colors: Right
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