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  1. He got himself back up, brushing himself off before walking into the elevator, pressing his floor's button. He was ready to turn in for the time being. He was so tired and needed a mental break... He hadn't noticed Sullivain following him.
  2. "...Who are you?- nevermind.." Angel said, confused about who Sullivain was talking to. He just continued to walk towards the elevator. During his thinking, he wasn't paying attention and tripped, laughing him towards the ground. And yet, he didn't feel an impact?.. he opened his eyes to himself hovering right above the ground. "What the?-" he said, before landing softly on the ground. He sat himself up, contemplating what had just happened. Was this... the Serum thing?...
  3. "Can I please just go back to my room?" He said, glaring at him. "I just want some rest.." He said, starting to speed up in his walk towards the elevator.
  4. "I dunno." He said flatly, not looking at him.
  5. Angel gave no response. Sullivain didn't need one.
  7. "...Angel" He grumbled, continuing to walk towards the elevator. (RRRRRRRR TRANSPHOBIC REAL /j)
  8. His response couldn't be heard. It was too muffled by the mask. He continued to walk. Trying to not look at Sullivain. (SULLIVAIN TRANSPHOBIC REAL 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 /j)
  9. "..17.." he said nervously. Angel was embarrassed. This is exactly why he didn't talk. His head sunk into the shoulders as he pulled his beanie down and started to quickly walk towards the elevator.
  10. Angel shook his head as he slammed headfirst into this person. He looked up "Sorry kid" He had said A look of annoyance appeared on his eyes, but his emotions were hard to read with that mask. "I am not a kid" He growled quietly in his higher-pitched voice.
  11. (Why do you guys respond at the exact same time
  12. She paced around, carefully observing, waiting for whoever she needed to talk to. This was very boring. Why did he have to be here again? They stood in place, tapping their claws impatiently on the ground with their mismatched arms crossed, simply glancing around at the students.
  13. Angel was hungry. Of course he was, whatever that was just happened and he needed food. Too bad nothing here is good... He could easily get Food delivered to this room, but he needed to move around, he was going to the cafeteria himself. He stretched before leaving, walking through the halls with his head held higher than before. He went to the cafeteria, getting some food and going to one of the corners of the large room before sitting and taking his mask off to eat. (TLDR: I went to the cafeteria so I can interact with ppl lmao)
  14. Green watched the kids with cat-like curiosity. Well, based on the kids here, this should be fun. I mean, new students are usually pretty fun, especially since they still have barely any idea what had happened. (Also I can be Exypnos head if u want!!)
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