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  1. Angel walked through the halls, bandages in hand, not paying attention to the people around. He audibly stomped by other rooms, going to his own. He hated this. He wanted to see the world again, not be trapped in this metal box. He didn't feel like himself, and he hated it. Angel's room was surprisingly small for the one with the 'air Serum.' A large screen was propped up on the wall, along with many posters he had managed to save. Angel rummaged through his closet, grabbing his usual outfit along with his beanie and mask. But before he put any of it on, he wrapped his chest with the bandages. (Don't do this, bind safely kids) He put on his usual garb, not giving a damn if he was 'supposed' to keep the hospital gown on. He put on his beanie, mask, and jacket before proceeding to look at himself in a mirror. This felt better.
  3. Angel got the same directions and comments from some other personnel, groaning slightly at the different things. What even was the 'Wind serum?' And why wasn't it explained? Angel could only wonder as he proceeded to snatch a roll of bandages before heading towards the elevator to go to the living quarters.
  4. Angel was still out cold. But after a bit, he slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes and analyzing the room around him. As he did this, he grew to look visibly uncomfortable, as he looked around for something. My mask, where is it?? He thought frantically as the doctors surrounding him continued to take notes and say things he wasn't paying attention to.
  5. (Yep! They totally are! My character is an anthto plushie thing :]
  6. (Star starless I have no idea what to do 😭)
  7. Angel went through the same sort of process, although very obviously trying to prevent it from happening. He wouldn't pay attention to anything else, only his own thrashing. He didn't want to be here!! He couldn't do this! He wanted to go home.. but home was gone now. He soon realized what was happening out there as the memories rushed to his head, causing him to cease in his escape attempt
  8. Angel jolted up from his hazy sleep to the same noises coming from the many machines. The weight of gravity along with the dizziness he felt pushed him back on the bed as the people around him ushered him to stay still. He attempted to move his hands to get this stress away, but he was prevented by the people. He was very clearly stressed, not even noticing the others about his age around him.
  9. Name: Angel Age: 17 Serum: Wind Sexuality: Pan Gender/Pronouns: Transmasc He/Him Appearance: a short and thinner person with dark brown hair that gets lighter at the roots. He has a darker tan skin color. He wears a black mask, black t-shirt, and baggy black cargo pants with a studded belt. He also wears a denim jacket with a large patch of a set of wings sewn on the back, as well as many other smaller patches. One of which prolly being a trans flag. Other notes: Quiet and doesn't talk much, but when he does his voice is higher pitched than most. Loves birdwatching and birds in general. A little bit of the tism (he has ASD).
  10. Eppew is better in my honest opinion
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