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  1. Ima stream it btw! Just gotta set it up
  2. learning about energy

    somebody tell me why is W mad???

    (/j btw, no question here)


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    2. Green the Fiery Fox
    3. Polly


      in the background is a video of a care going forwards

      i think you can see what is wrong with this

      why are they in the engine



    4. Takoyama


      when you’re homeschooled 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  3. She realized it was just another winged nicheling and calmed down.
  4. DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS lots of people know the game on roblox warrior's ultimate less than a day till the prologue thing! we have no idea what this is, we're excited! also release I guess- share your thoughts about warriors ultimate
  5. sorry I haven't been updating this! just figuring out what I want in each chapter!
  6. She pricked her ears, trying to figure out if it was friend or foe.
  7. You did just that! Then drifted off to sleep... -DAY END-
  8. It was just you and your parents that lived together. When they got home, they were very happy! After dinner, you were tired. Do you want to go to bed?
  9. Sorry if this is a lot :DD Name: Floew Pronouns: She/Her Personality/Backstory: She seemed to be scared of almost everything and be silent all the time, but in her head tries to be happy and optimistic. Her backstory is that she was already being killed. Her father had tried to help her, hence the 'deformed' wing, but as she grew less and less worried and he though she was just mooching off of him. They had one of her best friends before that kill her, but she seemed to 'die' very quickly, the 'death' being her just passing out from blood loss and stress. She eventua
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