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  1. ^w^ She walked in a random direction
  2. I was thinking of a charrie to do for this so I made a new one- His name is Lion's roar but he is usually called lion he's an ocelot
  3. So I used that 'Wolf stuff from wiki' thing to do this. - The temperate dog is a newly discovered species of wolf that live deep in a temperate jungle and are very intelligent. They have a similar build to that of a grey wolf, but they have thinner legs and smaller paws, making it harder for creatures in the undergrowth of the jungle to strike at them. They also have shorter fur, helping them survive in the hotter temperatures. Females and males are virtually the same. These wolves are specifically in one jungle, but the jungle is huge, making it so little
  4. I'll also take the body communication and vocalization from the Yellowstone roblox game but only what they are and what they do. https://www.roblox.com/games/2721393525/Yellowstone?refPageId=b7091aca-4301-4df8-9de2-73f8ec064f87
  5. Btw if anything here you find uncomfortable to you or you think shouldn't be here just say so and I'll delete it ^w^
  6. gonna use the wolf wiki entry btw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf
  7. Why? Because I need this for size comparison It is slender and powerfully built with a large, deeply descending rib cage, a sloping back, and a heavily muscled neck. The wolf's legs are moderately longer than those of other canids, which enables the animal to move swiftly, and to overcome the deep snow that covers most of its geographical range in winter. The ears are relatively small and triangular. The wolf's head is large and heavy, with a wide forehead, strong jaws and a long, blunt muzzle. The skull is 230–280 mm (9–11 in) in length and 130–150 mm (5–6 in
  8. Nala Appearance A very large, unique, tauric mammal with a wedge shaped head, two sunken sandy brown eyes, rounded ears, a slitted nose, and an indented jaw with no teeth. It has a thick neck, and it has four long, weak arms that end in large paws. It has a muscular chest, and an oval lower body. It also has two powerful wings. It has two long fragile forelegs with webbed feet and two stubby weak back legs clawed feet and a powerful tail. The Nala's body is covered in short hair. It is forest green, almond, deep yellow, dark gray and off-white. Nala Stats Ave
  10. oh hey look I'm working on the first chapter. I would like background characters plz
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