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  1. This art I made makes me happy


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    2. Pancrack


      Ranboob and Dre

    3. Green the Fiery Fox

      Green the Fiery Fox

      k i n d a

      I never meant for it to be like that, then I looked at my characters problems then at ranbob's problems.

      w o w

      m a y b e

      only that the black creature doesn't actually exist at all.

      Like, no connection to literally anyone, just is inside Echo'paw's mind

    4. Green the Fiery Fox

      Green the Fiery Fox

      Also in the warriors game I took a picture of some rlly good DSMP morphs


      from right to left.


      Ghostbur (Chucking blue at ppl at 40mph)

      Techno (they were saying they looked like sir billiam)


      Dre (all the way at the end)

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