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  1. And that roleplay addiction also caused her to be an outcast, making her the mage of my tribe. So, yea.
  2. @Foxyfire98, Remember the hatching you gave me? well meet our new mage, Rubbent! Cool, right?
  3. "As I said, you can't fly in this wind!" As she said that, the wind picked up some speed.
  4. I accidentally deleted the save file and I don't have the settings cause it got rid of em when I got niche on my new computer.
  5. NEW BABUS. first one is male, the other two are female.
  6. Sorry but it's full for now, also im going to try and transform this venom-tail dragon into an actual nicheling. Cause ima open another one after his one is over
  7. The flood has already covered the first set of berry bushes, you must work fast.
  8. "The storm is only covering a bit of the ocean. I can see a tiny bit of the blue sky on the horizon." she put one of her paws to her forehead. "We can swim back onto the boat or hang off the side if we reach there"
  9. sent you a friend request just cause its easier to be in contact then. I'm GrimGreen
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