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  1. SHEEP NO- HE WAS ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO CARRIED US- I KINDA NEEDED HIM (Gonna have him fall back because I love my firey boi)
  3. Don't focus on the text, focus on the colors the text boxes are but also focus on the text if you want .,.
  4. Pretty sure this is the FINAL FINAL battle I am scared there is a boss battle
  5. good morning I am back at it again and by it I mean playing wildermyth
  6. The incursion time is sped up like 100% percent and I am s u f f e r i n g
  7. time to play wildermyth B)
  8. Green

    SFS art

    B) (Swear + blood warning)
  9. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    I NEED IDEAS FOR THE "Watch out for the shark!" PART PLEASE
  10. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    so close to finishing-
  11. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    newer version B) Wii are resorting to violence!.mp4
  12. My school did a haunted house and I wasn't scared ._.
  13. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    new version Wii are resorting to violence!WIP.mp4
  14. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    WIP sfs thing (swear + blood warning) Wii are resorting to violence!WIP.mp4
  15. oh wait I'll move the progress to my art place I guess
  16. What I have so far (blood + swear warning) Wii are resorting to violence!WIP.mp4
  17. Also going to a dance thing my school is doing tonight so won't finish this
  18. not sure (so far I have one part with green and zix with the old sky empire and I'm planning on one with clover)
  19. TEMPTED TO MADE AN SFS ANIMATIC TO THIS AUDIO- (Swear + blood + gun warning)
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