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  1. Green

    SFS art

    me when me when video man clover
  2. Green

    SFS art

    Uh once star responds I'll make a dm and we can discuss there
  3. Green

    SFS art

    @Herrscher of Sentience @spamton deltarune We ready to do this? well we gotta set it up first (mainly diving the song so each of us gets a part but still-)
  4. uhhhhhhhh I'll do this once I am able to sign into my minecraft account :'D
  5. well, if anyone would like to join me, I'll be doing some intro lore with nyx :>>
  6. nbdhjkbhji I'm doing a small rogue group of appies and young warriors to annoy rc Join me through here https://www.roblox.com/users/181100873/profile
  7. Happy Thanksgiving my forum friends
  8. going on to work on stuff for nyx!
  9. Haha half day of school go brrrrrr
  10. Green

    eppers spawn day

  11. prepare for a dreamwalking trickster to ruin your sleep >:>
  12. may or may not have made a new magical shapeshifter cat character Her name is Nyx
  13. Green


    welcome to the forums! The problem is that your creature is blind a blind creature can't move without other sighted creatures hope this helps!
  14. currently working out a magic system while playing funny roblox cat game because I want to
  15. Hchchchciugcgux I'm sick I'm gonna miss D&D and the honor roll celebration this sucks there's always another time I guess :T
  16. I now want a pet creeper in minecraft for the sole purpose of drawings lil fluffy bean I MEAN LOOK AT HIM
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