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  1. Kayko calls out and this guys responds!


    "hello sir, would you like to join our crew?"

    "Yea ok."

    "Welcome to the crew, may I ask what your name is?"

    "I'm Avero"


    It rains, so everyone decides to go get food while Kayko calls out

    Also, Kayko is expecting a cub!


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  2. They start exploring, but they don't get too far



    They found a cactus!


    They did not realize that it would hurt them :<


    If anything interesting happens, I'll update you guys!

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  3. "We're finally here!"

    "That took forever..."

    "Yea, but it's worth it, I'll show you!"

    "...A whale?..."

    "Not just a whale, our boat! This whale will take us anywhere!"

    "Ok, well, lets get to work on making this the best ship ever."


    Welcome to Oceanic!

    These nichelings are explorers, exploring and traveling, they don't seem to stay in one place for long.


    Our two starters are.....

    Kayko! Her colored text is this



    And Weller! His colored text is this1192820211_2022-01-22(1).thumb.png.298730efcd033bfc7a36e44e2b3bc22d.png

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  4. 15 hours ago, Pale said:

    “I have a life there, sure my parents are dead but I have sibling. I can’t stay in some messed up realm!” He said, “I have good education, I’m in the 1st circle”

    Blizzard starting rambling about things back home…



    //yes there’s still IceWing tradition B)


    "OK and?" Spider said, having only a slight idea about what that all meant. 

    She was not familiar with the culture of the tribes. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Pale said:

    He didn’t budge.

    Instead his scales started to change from blue to a very pale white.

    You touched his scales and found it was hot as fire. Then red, not blue, blood oozed out of his sides.

    “Hey, I noticed you stop to come here, what’s wrong?” It was Blizzards voice. You turned around to see him right there.

    "WHat the- Nothing..."

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