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  1. I didn't I swear 😭
  2. Uh oh what info do they want 😨
  3. 🐲🌿🌹🍃🥬 (can I steal this dude and make a character out of them?)
  4. ah crap- I've had this happen before- Hope it's not something bad and that it gets resolved soon :>>
  5. (Holy crap what did I miss while I was asleep- also, I just read everything you guys posted last night, it was over 200 posts.)
  6. "...How?... I don't look anything like you guys-"
  7. I made a small clay statue of nyx and I decided to draw it. The eyes don't actually glow but I wanted to draw it like this so haha
  8. Crimson could only stare nervously. She couldn't seem to say anything...
  9. "uh uhm, a cave..." They said nervously, backing up.
  10. "AH!-" They jumped a bit, looking around at all the dragons.
  11. "Isn't there supposed to be more dragons, though? so far I've only seen you..." He gestured at Badger, and then looked around.
  12. "aaalrrright." He rolled onto his back and tried to fall asleep. But after that nightmare, it was kinda difficult...
  13. He still wasn't fully asleep. "Obsessed with what?..." He rolled over to face the general direction of Otto.
  14. "m'kay, good..." He felt safe with Otto here. He sleepily looked at the clock, it was still night. That was fine. He laid back down again
  15. "actually, not really. We couldn't really tell when day and night was in the cave." She shrugged.
  16. "Ottooooooooo. You heereeee?" He said, still sitting in bed.
  18. Cedar dreamed, well, it wasn't really a dream at all, more like a nightmare. There was death and destruction around him, everything bad that had happened, but also more, stuff he hadn't seen. What had happened? He didn't know and didn't care to know. He ran across the ash-covered ground, and just kept running, until he stopped and jolted awake. "What the hell?...." He said to himself quietly, looking down at his hands. He was fine, he was ok...
  19. "Thanks!" She said to it, catching and eating the fruit.
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