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  1. "Oh huh, also, hello. Who are you?" She said fairly calmly
  2. "I think so? I have no idea but this is creeping me out..." -.,-.
  3. O^O "Hey! Wake up!" She said, shaking him a bit.
  4. On my phone at school again, I'm a criminal
  5. First of all, please don't mention me for this Second of all, I play CoS, Euvias if I am correct
  6. guyssss my algebra is hard for no reason I know how to do this my brain just refuses to-
  7. I feel you (I had a substitute bus driver today T^T)
  8. Green

    Green's Art Dump

  9. I agree with epper, like 8-9
  10. Green

    art requests

    How about Cranestrike?
  11. I have this one character and their entire part of the story is just, "Oh, rock bottom has a basement?"
  12. she is pain she causes pain she's not a very good medicine cat, but she's learning
  13. Also there are LGBTQ+ cats in this story because ofc I would Reed is ace Dog is pan
  14. .,. that one time you called dash eyeless was only his eyes without color lol like he had pupils his eyes just weren't colored lol
  15. He does have eyes thooo /lh
  16. Just checked, she isn't Dash is in a different clan, anyways- I might might Dash blinded at some point, just to please you guys
  17. I have some protagonists set up! Dogpaw An adventurous and daring she-cat. A medicine cat apprentice that often gets into trouble. Reedpaw A nervous tom that just wants to prove he's a good warrior, even if he's not the best at fighting
  18. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
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