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  1. Green

    SFS art

    Alr! anyone else want to join in?
  2. Going back on to work on something
  3. And mod, you joining us at all?
  4. almost time to start! so if anyone wants to join, now would be a good time
  5. currently rushing to get my homework done this is p o g c h a m p /s
  6. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    I did some unsheathing claws, too because I wanted to
  7. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    DID ITTTTT + a sprint cycle, too
  8. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    I am trying to make a walk cycle but it keeps on looking like a trot- gonna keep practicing
  9. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    Working on some animation practices so far I have two things movement practice and trot cycle
  10. YES HAVE | thumbnail for the stream but without words below v
  11. Btw: lore today is gonna be earlier than usual Like around 12:30 EST if that's ok
  12. Hehe he Stream https://youtu.be/138JfXU8SJA
  13. Ok it's very good we moved the lore- I keep losing internet
  14. tomorrow because I have stuff to do-
  15. There was a fire but I had to go before I could remove all the water-
  16. The island was blown up by north because she was mad at star. (Also as sort of a hint hint nudge nudge sorta thing)
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