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  1. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    re-made my enderman design
  2. (Soren is a new character of mine and probably somebody else? idk yet, we're still working it out)
  3. I can play at literally any time usually soooo
  4. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    wow I'm actually going in depth with this wth
  5. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    Some facts about the DSMP WoF AU! Dream is an animus dragon! But animus powers are much less powerful in this AU because y e a George, even though he is a seawing, has a hard time seeing underwater, so he needs goggles. Hence the nickname Gogy Ranboo is an actual prince. His personality starts off more like OSMP ranboo, though, slowly moving towards his DSMP personality after dream decides to get a hold of a dreamvisitor to torment ranboo (if you don't read WoF, a dreamvisitor is just as it's name suggests, lets you visit dragons in their dreams. Though it's creation is very much different from in the original books) Ranboo is a Nightwing Icewing hybrid and the nightwings and icewings are cool with each other btw. Tommy and Tubbo and a lot of the other dragons I make that are pantalan are actually from a different continent, and fleeing to pyrrhia is how they meet ranboo (still like his OSMP version btw, I'd imagine the story is alike to the dangerous gift. Also, still yet to decide what they are fleeing from) Tubbo is small and I'm not taking any criticism on this thank you /lh Sapnap originally was a dragon with firescales, but dream helped him by making his little bandana ribbon thing (it's animus enchanted so the firescales don't work properly) This is how Dream and sapnap became a pair, George joining in later Techno lives with phil (yet to be made) and they commit crime together They manages to steal a lot from mudwing royalty, that's where techno got the crown. All of the chats still exist, Most of the chats being represented by actual dragons. Techno still has the voices, Phil still has the crows, and because of animus enchantment, ranboo has his particles.
  6. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    going back to this- Sapnap Techno (he's a mudwing rainwing hybrid, powerful but very lazy. Also he stole that crown-)
  7. Stuck in a line Very fun /s
  8. Can't rn, might be able to later
  9. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    Guys remaking art feels so good like- e w ooOOOOooooo
  10. Green

    Green's Art Dump

    *casually makes DSMP WoF AU* Dream Gogy Ranboo Tommy Tubbo
  11. I agree so much Wow I was c r i n g e
  12. As said on the wiki, "i'm sorry, kid"
  13. Y e a a a Haha we already have a plan >:>
  14. Would you guys be ok with an extra chaotic friend joining the realm? She's basically Tommyinnit but not exactly she's also a REALLY good roleplayer
  15. might stream this what would you guys think about that?
  16. got just shapes and beats finally after all this time I can experience the suffering myself Corrupted and Chronos are done
  17. @Lilytuft with antlers @Eevee @Merry Birbcake @Christmas Boo @Crow-Pup-Artooie @ralsei deltarune @Modianta Claus
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