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  1. I Hah! I wish! (aka, no space)
  2. ok (casually sounds like I have no brain)
  3. Green

    I draw cat lol

    ik I have it linked somewhere... gimmie a sec here it is! https://warriorswish.net/warrior-cats-visual-oc-generator/
  4. Green

    I draw cat lol

    I DON'T CARE HOW LONG IT TOOK I LOVE IT thx u so much! its amzin!
  5. selling this cub https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?id=794134406945 tell me how much to sell it to you for (not a crazy low amount) and I will
  6. Green

    I draw cat lol

    can u do meh boy, racoon'kit? hes basically the re-make of gray'stripe, a class-clown boy. I think he would have a brown bandanna. thanks if u do this 😄
  7. Green

    New cat! Yay!

    we had our chicks delivered. Yes, you can have them delivered.
  8. Green

    Gaming Laptop

    tried to post the picture but when i singed it, But I think I put in the wrong pass a think and now i'm locked out for 14 mins ;-;
  9. Green

    Gaming Laptop

    yes, but this laptop is pretty close to a regular pc, and its portable. (but im too afraid to move it lol)
  10. Green

    Gaming Laptop

    My parents got it for me so they could have the family computer back 😆
  11. Green

    Gaming Laptop

    GUYS GUYS GUYS! I got a new laptop, but not just any laptop, A GAMING LAPTOP :DDD Posting from it rn, i'll grab my phone and take a pic later
  12. great names! couldnt have though of em on my own. (also thank you!)
  13. also i need some names for these babus female male
  14. please stop for a moment to look at Torchon thank you, continue on
  15. *casually dosnt have enough treasure and/or gems to gene one of my banescales*
  16. excuse meh, but can we trade yet?
  17. someone plz tell me how to see studding requests at the end of the week ;-; this place might be dead
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