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  1. honey, do you like my new shoes? your a chair darling. I CAN DREAM HAROLD (Asdf movie)
  2. still need more name suggestions, the top right already has a name
  3. i wish! i have no space, gonna breed my dragons anyways
  4. Green

    Am I Cool?

    yea, i just wanted to make this so i had an excuse to put sunglasses on my profile pic XD
  5. na, i was just gone all day
  6. u guys even seen maguv? hes a grown up now, i just have his bb pic as my prof pic
  7. sorry i haven't done this in a while... its a bit stressful with all the ppl won sec...
  8. no, i mean the number is 69, the nicest number
  9. i like this concept, maybe there could be learning bars and if the learning bar gets all the way up, the nicheling gets 1 of that skill
  10. Green

    Am I Cool?

    btw, i will put sunglasses on my smiley profile pic and use it if the majority says yes.
  11. Green

    Am I Cool?

    tell me if im cool
  13. y e s You currently have [69] bundles hidden around your den. You will be able to dig them up on the 25th of December!
  14. faes r male spirals r females.
  15. NEW BABUS Flight Rising_Hatch_New.mhtml srry couldn't get pic ;-; (why was that pic there? GO AWAY PIC I KEEP DELETING UUUUUU there...)
  16. don't put multi-gaze on a spiral...
  17. i have lots of extra food! want some?
  18. ok, lemme send a trade just cause its easier
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