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  1. went to predict morphology and got this bootiful girl, cool right?
  2. this is a giant Lilly pad. the description is, Also known to fae dragons as "boat" I, personally, love that description.
  4. his name is dipper, and he grew and i am happy
  5. im going to delete all the posts that talk about this, beacause my mind can't stand that thought...
  6. its 3 adults (not counting spiffy's mate) vs 5 babys and 5 more and maybe a wildclaw baby coming
  7. they all looks so cool! but i need adults, or babys close to adulthood
  8. bootful, but i can't take them. I already have more babys than adults and have more babys coming
  9. just wanted to say it, cause it fits Halloween
  10. Halloween babu! just wanted to say it 😄
  11. my coins just landed at 6660
  12. don't exactly know, but its 7:00 AM here
  13. it seems i'm in a completely different time zone than everyone else XD
  14. (my first warrior of was called milk'paw lol)
  15. anyone have a wildclaw they don't want or need? any age, don't care what color or patters on any of that stuff.
  16. oh, its fine i just want to hatch halloween babies at some point
  17. any of u have a Boon of Fertility *i copied and pasted it to save time*
  18. thought so, just making sure
  19. i have chosen a mate for spiffy, im not going to say tho, the other person can if they want
  20. what breeds are they? they are ADORABLE!
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