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  1. Im Grim and i like gems and feathers
  2. i just got an extra one of these familiar, anyone want it?
  3. The only name i can think of rn is Lace
  4. why hello there earth egg!
  5. omg omg yes this is what it says while exploring A goose with a knife is taunting you! -3 energy. You currently have 25/100 energy. ITS THE PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION MEME
  6. I was predicting hallow's and the new dragon's babus and i found this zombie boi. on the spots where its red, you can see his 'skeleton' its so cool, right?
  7. na, i got a new female already
  8. o, ok, thx for the tip
  9. le cub still hasn't gotten any offers ;-;
  10. new breeding pair, amazing colors and patterns, too! btw, seafin, the fae dad, has leopard pattern
  11. im putting him on trade now
  12. actually, i'll trade him today anyone have any gud female cubs? not too good tho
  13. casually isn't here heres my profile dragon anyways
  14. i have a cub that i'm going to trade for a female cub. here he is https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?id=794133355062 note: i'm only going to trade tomorrow, so i will choose by then
  15. still, for story reasons
  16. three mate options for this girl, lilly u guys choose storm emerald seafin a tough dragon prim and proper follows his brother, but likes to get muddy now and then
  17. 1 iron chest! 2 o' these and 2765 o' these
  18. thats cause I strongly dislike the jungle this is my 1st play through and i haven't played niche so much as to be good at it.
  19. ok.. i'll just get them myself, thanks for informing
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