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  1. Elise also, now my friend who my lil sis named the chicken after is just gonna say i'm dead for the next week
  2. need names Male Female Male
  3. thanks alot, she was a really good hen, she deserves to be among the stars
  4. its ok, just glad u came to say RIP
  5. yes, that looks almost perfect, just needs the poofy cheeks. And as the warrior cats say, she will be among the stars tonight
  6. My chicken died today, can u guys make some art in her honor? She was grey with white markings around some of her feathers. She also had a pink comb and poofy cheeks. Also, thanks if you do this, it means a lot to me
  7. thats supposed to say water, LOL
  8. i didn't even have to do the full mile! i was too slow ;-;
  9. i survived, everyone did, but i can't say the same for some of those water jugs... Btw, were donating the remaining water jugs for people who don't have access to clean water
  10. If u guys know the book a long walk to water, thats basically what were doing. All the kids in my grade have to do a 'water walk' where we walk a mile while holding two eater jugs, only thing is, its gonna rain... So we have to walk a mile, in the rain, with two full water jugs in our hands. Also my class has gym today. Its gonna be such a great day...
  11. do you look for -something small -something your size -something big
  12. she likes pretty flowers "fine! i'll come with you guys... only cause flowers are pretty!" she trotted after them, easily catching up
  13. another blue bird came and dropped some meat, seeds, leaves, and fish "pick your favorite" he said -use them all, for different things -just take the meat -just take the plants -just take the seeds -just take the fish -use another combination (tell me in reply)
  14. She hissed and kicked you in the face, leaving you what do you do -look for dad -explore -try and hunt
  15. "good, i don't want you getting us killed with your talking"
  16. "why those things? Im looking for something fun, like a fox den"
  17. "i'm looking for something more interesting than you"
  18. goldenkit bounded far ahead, no consent for the other kits
  19. also, what do u do with fossils?
  20. just... need... 100... more... *reaches out toward silver beetles*
  21. Goldenkit grumbled and trotted out of camp, annoyed they wound't listen to her and just come
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