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  1. @ShadowAndPup3 I think you should add a secondary color for the horns and wings. (not the pattern color, but something else)
  2. yes, now all I need is a base >:D
  3. i'm listening to shiny but it's a female cover, getting inspiration for an evil girl
  4. yo it's still April vay-kay for me, so I get no work! (still have to work on leftover work from last week, tho)
  5. also I can barely play now cause my phone is a hand-me-down and it's old, and my kindle doesn't charge correctly.
  6. I got legendary eagle skin before eagle
  7. My friend gave me an absol they hatched before the absol event in the story, so he was important to me. He got to like, lvl 86, he was my best pokemon.
  8. fight me with rockruff, i promise i'll try and let u win
  9. that one was close @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy
  10. these are all pokemon on my main team btw XD
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