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  1. My friend gave me an absol they hatched before the absol event in the story, so he was important to me. He got to like, lvl 86, he was my best pokemon.
  2. fight me with rockruff, i promise i'll try and let u win
  3. that one was close @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy
  4. these are all pokemon on my main team btw XD
  5. ok, i'll use lucario, one of my newer Pokemon
  6. at least I used a different Pokemon XD
  7. i'm training her. it was a roblox Pokemon game that got roblox sued and had to be taken down, it was a big thing. Also my best Pokemon was an absol I raised from lvl 1. His name was dark magic and there was another, light magic, that I got later. They are dead, so, sol = soul = dead
  8. @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy?
  9. do u know what Pokemon brick bronze is?
  10. wait a sec need to finish my pokemon's training
  11. *casually listens to a hermitcraft livestream*
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