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  1. I have two lionesses, one gold, one i got called syntheya (who i got from trade) and my male is called green
  2. oh wait, i just changed a letter in my old password and then it worked, wack?
  3. just joined, but it gave me a notification to me to change my password, but it won't let me do it even though im doing everything it says, anyone know whats hapening and how i can fix it? also, having it up won't let me do anything else, so i can't continue ;-;
  4. (u rolled a 1 ;-; in my book, it failed, but something else happened) You try and hiss at her, but then you start talking... -tyo
  5. you trot around and see a female cheetah who looks just like you, but bigger, and she had scars all over her. She turned her head and hissed at you, "how many times do I have to tell you, little kitten, i'm not gonna be your mom anymore!" welp, there goes your mom. what do you do -hiss at her back -run away -try and find dad -ask her where dad is -attack her
  6. your eyes are glued shut what do you do? -try again -try and get food -cry -try and stand
  7. you got up, looked around, and you could start walking now what do you do? -explore -look for your parents -play with a feather -cry
  8. what do you do? -cry -try and get food -try and find your parents -try and stand
  9. (GUYS! i need you to tell me ur animal's gender, i need it ;-;)
  10. your eyes flutter open. you see that the grass you felt was all wilted, and you were under a tree that was burnt to a crisp
  11. @The Fawnth Doctor you wake up, feeling some sort of long grass around you. what do you do? -try and get food -cry -try and find your parents -try and open your eyes -try and stand up
  12. (u can say/do whatvere u want, under the power the the dice, of course
  13. You stumble backwards, almost falling out of the nest, but the bird catching you and brings you back in. "im your... 'mother'" she said "your father will be back soon" she then mumbled, "what did we get ourselves into..." -tyo (you have suddenly gained an ability! speech!)
  14. You look around for your parents, then you see a small, pure blue bird, about the size of you, looking over at you -try and attack -run away -go up to her and hug her (i was working on it ;-;)
  15. you wake up, but can't see. Where am I? you think, feeling around. what do u do? -try and get food -cry -try and open eyes -try and go back to sleep -try and stand up -try and find parents
  16. (i swear this is the dice ;-;) You fail once again, but this time, you open your eyes, after you see something in your dreams... (time to switch it up...) You opened your eyes and looked around, only to find... You were in a tree (in a nest) what do you do -SCREEEE (yell) -try and look for your parents -try and get down -try and get food -hide
  17. Fail You just keep tossing and turning, not able to fall asleep, it was to bright in... wherever this was. what do you do? -try again to sleep -try and open eyes -try and say you want food -try and speak -try to stand
  18. you open your eyes and find you are in a small sort of nest, made of leave, feathers, moss, and grass. You then see your in a sort of burrow. You see lots of things, but you also see your parents, looking down at you. what do you do -try and ask for food -try and walk -try and talk
  19. @Sting-tail fawn @The Flower Fawn You both wake up. You can hear diffrent animals making noises, but you can most importantly hear your parents. You could not hear what they were saying, or see who they were, but you had a feeling they were your parents. what do you do? -go back to sleep -try and get food -try and open your eyes -try and stand up -try and speak
  20. ok, i'll add it in, also, players isn't part of the for XD
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