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  1. i do still have it, also, it looks a bit like a charizard lol
  2. srry, maybe be a subordinate and then it'll be good
  3. last call, anyone want em?
  4. just noticed something, maybe make the snout a littllllllllllllllllllllllllle bit longer
  5. i'll give u one of my new fae babus if u want some different colors, i want a actual trade for once
  6. yes, hardcore Wof fan here, I think this is great!
  7. welcome! this is like my post on reptilian genetics, but I think you did better.
  8. just hatched to babys. Not the best, but not the worst. Both male, one has rare eyes anyone want em? need some space anyways. if nobody takes, i will exalt
  9. (this is a flamethrower, fire beats steel)
  10. can I please have the right one?
  11. Trinkets for sale! One coin for each item 4 in stock 4 in stock 4 in stock 5 in stock 5 in stock 2 in stock 3 in stock Eh, im too lazy to do more
  12. boom, rug. cover dat hole!
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