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  1. no, keep looking, don't want anyone to die of rat poisoning (see what I did there?)
  2. *waits patiently, just doesn't want you to forget.*
  3. ah, thank you I LOVE HIM HE IS CALLED BLAZE
  4. I found this good girl with a teddy bear! I think I want to keep her, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her. She seems to like me, i'll call her blue!
  5. @Clover who would u like to breed with? or would you like to wait? @mhiahia what would you like to do with the cubs? keep them all take them to the adoption center keep some (tell me who) take some to the adoption center (tell me who)
  6. I don't think so, buster. *tips cowboy hat once again*
  7. there are no play through screw ups here, buster. *tips up cowboy hat*
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