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  1. "Well why would you tell us it is???" She said with a slight growl
  2. "What-" They seemed to be a mix of both angry and confused Why did she even have to be apart of this?
  3. Green

    SFS art

    Potential future pmvs and stuff? mainly wanted to practice some thumbnails But I've had these ideas for a long time now so maybe Loved (A clover and Quartz PMV) Finale (Can't Wait To See What You'll Do Next) (A green PMV)
  4. as in like backstory esk stuff
  5. Just updated c!green and clover's wiki pages Clover's has some lore in it I guess? idk
  6. Well welcome to whatever this Chaotic place is
  7. "I think a good start would be FINDING OUT WHERE IN THREE MOONS WE ARE!" She shouted.
  8. "Why's that any of your business?" She said in a slightly aggressive tone
  9. Uh so update, right? marking update removed the face stripes on a lot of my morphs So I loaded phoenix, one of my mains up, and actually said out loud ":o, phoenix with no brim?" How she's supposed to look
  10. "uhhhhhh, helloooooo..." She said, not knowing what else to say.
  11. She went over to it Why in the three moons was she even in the ocean, anyways?
  12. I have so many Christmas presents I need to make (I make art for gifts) but no motivation-
  13. It took a second for her to process. They then realized they were underwater and quickly tried to swim up.
  14. FINALLY ABLE TO DO THIS Name: Wildfire Gender/Pronouns: She/They Tribe: Mainly leafwing, skywing, small amount of icewing Appearance: Other: Ts: Survivor by 2WEI. Loyal to those she trusts, but does not trust easily. probably an arsonist /hj. They hold grudges and are not afraid to take action if somebody wrongs them. Fairly strong, but not good at stealth or planning. Breaths fire, has no leafspeak, but can climb very well. Likes shiny objects and gets distracted by them easily.
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