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  1. "I don't think they meant to. They were scared, we all were, and I want to show them that I'm powerful and I can help them"
  2. "So, uh, I really want to go back to my friends." He sighed, "I miss them, but I don't want to leave you and everything that I'm training for here!" He was tearing up a bit, but he tried not to show it, "I don't know what to do..."
  3. "Uhm, I just gotta talk to you about something because you seem like one of the ONLY people I can trust on this ship." He rambled.
  4. (bump for whenever you want to play Otto, star :D)
  5. (Cedar is just waiting for Otto right now :>) Cedar sat in the room, waiting for Otto. This was important and Cedar really needed to talk to him. He kept trying to not fall asleep.
  6. OH ALSO ARTFIGHTTTTT https://artfight.net/~GreeTheCrowFox
  7. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR ME TO MAKE ANOTHER RP I JUST NEED TO THINK UP SOME LORE FOR IT What I know about it so far: -War because I said so (i need ideas as to why) -Can be a person or any sort of creature, real or fake, just has to be anthro -There is magic, but it's pretty rare and is being used for war. This leads to magical creatures needing to be hidden. -You can be magic or not magic, doesn't matter, but I'm not telling you about the magic at all, you have to figure it out -4 spots (2 magic 2 not magic) -Might be a big baddie? no idea
  8. He ended up sliding and landing just at the feet of Kapnos. She smirked. As she had thought before, he as willing to learn. There was another tiring lesson, Cedar learning to summon and control bigger and bigger flames. Every time, he kept thinking, I don't want revenge. Why would they think I do? At one point, Kapnos called out to him, as she had been doing while she was coaching him, "You do want your revenge, don't you?" But this time, instead of just thinking, Cedar stopped and said, "I don't want revenge, and I never have. I just want to prove to my friends that I can be powerful and helpful, too." He took a deep breath and went back to training. He was doing so well, especially for his second training session. At the end, he said thank you and left, determined to go and talk to Otto.
  9. "I have to go right now, I'll see you later!" He jumped out of bed and ran out the door, bolting down the hallways.
  10. "I mean even if my color is different, my snout is still so much different!!!"
  11. "Ah, well at some point I need to talk to you about something. I have training today so we can talk after?" He suggested.
  12. I'll talk to him about leaving later... "By the way, do you have anything to do today?" He asked.
  13. (Haha plans go brrrrrr) Cedar jolted awake again, this time it was morning. He sighed. Wait, didn't he have to go see his friends again soon?... he didn't want to leave Otto... "Goodmorning Ottoooo." He said.
  14. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not ;^;
  15. 🍋⭐️🌱🌴🟡 Lemon friend for them perhaps?
  16. I was thrown in here 😨
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