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  1. Just did a concert feeling good Actually not too good tbh, physically bad but mentally good
  2. "Well, let's see, then" She tried flying upwards
  3. Gree with a tie what will she do? dude I look so ✨fancy✨
  4. Yea lol Plus I kinds have my own lore for them where that name works so much better Cloud, a friend from discord that joined the realm and was the one to make the new realm when original sfs died
  5. Oh there's clouds realm, which is the current Sfs I could ask them to invite you
  6. I did it I made a cool name And it goes really well with the backstory I have planned Abyss Reapers Very cool B)
  7. "Ooooookay...... for not I am not gonna question it" She pressed her back against the cavern walls
  8. She tried to pull blizzard farther back so that wouldn't happen again.
  9. "C'mon, ice boi!" She said, grabbing his wing so he would actually follow her, and ran towards the cavern.
  10. "Yeaaaaaaa...." She looked towards Blizzard, expecting that they would know what to do.
  11. (Uh oh whoops forgot to respond) "If you say so" She shrugged
  12. Dude imagine if we were able to make a good rp/sim that lasted as long as RoR That was fun
  13. Here to say that sfs is officially back up!
  14. Green

    SFS art

    Idea for anyone to use: The "Oh a fresh pie? Save me a slice!" But instead it's "Oh some SFS lore? Save me a slice!" And then it's just all of the trauma.
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